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The Nutronix Company is a multi-level marketing (MLM) home based business opportunity. The products that Nutronix business associates can purchase are holistic healthcare products that are all natural and cover a variety of health concerns. Their product line covers overall health concerns from joint and cardiovascular health to skin and weight loss issues. The Nutronix product line currently has two weight loss formulas: EZ Lean and NuSlin. EZ Lean is said to be the most popular of the two diet aids since it is advertised to aid in metabolic function as well as increase thermogenesis.

List of Ingredients

The website contains links to individual product ingredients lists. The company does state that all ingredients are all natural.

Product Features

Nutronix is first a Multi-level Marketing home business opportunity and manufacturer and supplier of holistic health supplements second. The website spends more time explaining the how-to’s of starting and owning your own business than it does on the products themselves. In order for business associates to actually make money off the products they sell, they must purchase a set monetary limit of products themselves. There are “customer reviews,” though these reviews are mainly about the business aspects and not about the health products.

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  • The supplements can be purchased as an auto delivery to ensure that dieters never run out product.
  • The company website includes customer testimonials and reviews.
  • In addition to diet aids and weight loss supplements, Nutronix offers a full range of healthcare supplements.
  • This company does not just sell supplements; they are also a thriving business venture for individuals interested in Multi-level Marketing businesses.


  • While the Nutronix website does have customer reviews, many of those reviews are about the business and money making aspects of the program.
  • In order to purchase the products it suggested that customers first become “business associates.” This suggestion almost seems like a “hard sell.”
  • There is a free trial offer, but again, it is for the business aspect and not the products themselves.


Individuals should always investigate products that are purchased from a company that’s main focus is multi-level marketing. There are several websites and blogs that claim the supplements sold by Nutronix are not actually “all natural” but have been chemically manufactured. Other websites claim that the FDA has declared many of the “supplements” that Nutronix sells are actually classified as drugs. Whether or not the products actually work as advertised remains to be seen since it looks like the reviews are mainly from home business owners who use the product line mainly as a business venture. This is a case of “buyer beware,” unless of course you are actually looking to start an MLM business.

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    Audrey Adkinson

    Is Nutronix still in business?


    Tom Murphy

    Yes, and finally they wised up and unloaded their marketing company (automaticbuilder) couple years back.