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What You Should Know

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NutroSlim is one of the several products that the supplement manufacturer Nutrophy currently has on the market. NutroSlim is not a complete weight loss system, nor is it a stand-alone weight loss supplement. It is intended to be used in conjunction with a whole group of supplements in addition to a sensible diet and exercise plan in order to promote a healthy weight loss environment. The company website claims that the entire collection of supplements that combine to become the diet program will increase energy levels, raise metabolic rate, curb appetite and even improve mood. The individual supplement NutroSlim is claimed to aid in appetite suppression.

List of Ingredients

As is stated on the manufacturer’s website, NutroSlim contains Cholecystokinin (CCK), Banana Leaf Extract, 5HTP, Theo bromine and Panax Ginseng. While this is a comparably short list of ingredients, the Nutrophy says that the crowning component is the CCK, which is said to be responsible for curbing overactive appetites.

Product Features

Many medical studies on weight loss have shown that appetite suppressants can significantly aid weight loss efforts. Most often a diet fails because many dieters cannot control their eating. Cravings and temptation can make reducing food intake very difficult, and studies have shown that dieters who are more apt to overeat during meal times can reap serious benefits from effective appetite suppressants. The manufacturer of NutroSlim states on their website that this product is effective at stopping overeating both at meal times and between meals. The claim is that this will lead to fewer calories being taken in each day which when combined with a healthy fitness program will result in a calorie deficit and accelerated weight loss.

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  • In addition to NutroSlim as an appetite suppressant, Nutrophy also offers a complete line of products that combine to create a whole weight loss program.
  • The company website includes customer testimonials and reviews.
  • Appetite suppression is one of the main reasons dieters turn to supplements and NutroSlim claims to deliver.


  • The Nutrophy website does not include any pricing of any product they sell at this time. One must contact the company for pricing information.
  • Prior to ordering the product, dieters must complete a whole questionnaire.
  • There is a statement that the Nutrophy offers a free trial, however there are no details given on how this trial works, such as length of time or billing procedures.


Since curbing the appetite is a very important feature of any weight loss experience, dieters will hunt for those supplements that contain ingredients proven to provide appetite suppression. NutroSlim claims to offer dependable appetite suppression while other supplements in the Nutrophy program are said to also increase metabolism. Research of the manufacturer’s website will give a wealth of information including dieter reviews.

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