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NuVim is the manufacturer of the health drinks of the same name. NuVim contains a micronutrient called NutraFlora as well as vitamins, minerals and whey protein. NutraFlora is currently the strongest prebiotic available. Two patented milk whey protein concentrates are used by NuVim: Mune Pro and Accuflex. According the company’s website, both of these whey proteins have been shown to build the human immune system. In addition to strengthening the immune system, NuVim has been shown in over nineteen clinical trials to promote joint health.

Accuflex and Mune Pro are normally found in regular mild but only in very small quantities. SMBI developed a technology that increases the concentrations of both of these types of milk whey proteins. This technology prevents these proteins from being destroyed during the normal pasteurization process that milk goes through. Additionally, SMBI milk comes strictly from special cows in New Zealand that undergo a proprietary program of husbandry and feeding that is said to stimulate the cows’ immune system which in turn increases the amount of Accuflex and Mune Pro in the milk. Part of this process is to introduce immune stimulants to prime milk cows.

List of Ingredients

Actual ingredients are not listed on the website. The company does state that NuVim contains over 100% of many vitamins and minerals and is fat- free, caffeine-free, and lactose free. Which is interesting since it is sort of a milk replacement drink.

Product Features

NuVim is a fairly new health drink that is considered to be a milk replacement though it is lactose free. Drinking NuVim is said to improve the immune system and repair joints and muscles as well.

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  • The website includes many positive reviews and testimonies.
  • There have been numerous clinical trials that substantiate the main claims NuVim.
  • The compounds thought to give these health benefits are naturally occurring in small quantities in the milk we drink already.


  • Cows used to produce the milk have been artificially stimulated with immune enhancers.
  • The only cows producing the necessary milk are located in New Zealand due to the proprietary dairy management program that has only been licensed by the New Zealand Dairy Board.


NuVim is basically a health drink that contains higher concentrations of the whey proteins Accuflex and Mune Pro. This enhances the immune system while contributing to better joint health. This drink is purported to offer joint sufferers an alternative to glucosamine which has in the past been the only effective supplement. While regular milk does contain these compounds, it is in very small quantities. NuVim contains these proteins in quantities large enough to produce the expected results.

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    where do they sell nuvim?



    I love their refrigerated mineral drink and had lost over 70 lbs on it and cant seem to find anywhere!!!