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Not every supplement company manufactures products in-house. Some companies outsource production to other companies like NVE Pharmaceuticals. NVE Pharmaceuticals produces energy shots, energy drinks and supplements for companies without the facilities to maintain adequate production. The company offers custom formulas and custom bottling. With a production line capable of producing up to 30 million bottles a month, there are few orders the company cannot fulfill. Companies like Stacker 2 use NVE Pharmaceuticals to produce energy shots.

List of Ingredients

Pharmaceutical company producing custom supplements.

Product Features

When a supplement company wants to produce a new supplement or energy drink, they may have an ingredient list or a specific idea for a product label, but they do not have the production facilities to formulated and package the supplement. These companies head over to companies like NVE Pharmaceuticals for packaging and labeling. NVE Pharmaceuticals is set up to create a unique formula or use the formula provided by the company. They can produce small orders or large orders, depending on the needs of the company. NVE has worked with companies like Stacker 2 and Stinger.

In addition to formulating supplements and energy drinks, NVE Pharmaceuticals also provide unique bottling options in sizes ranging from 2 ounces to 10 ounces. Bottles are blown based upon the creative direction of the supplement company.

If a company has no space to store the final product, NVE Pharmaceuticals will store the product in pallet quantities for a fee. Drop shipping and custom blending are also available.

While dieters may see the end products on shelves, they will not see products directly from NVE Pharmaceuticals. The company does not formulate supplements for sale only for outside companies, but chances are the average dieter has come in contact with one or more supplements or energy drinks formulated by NVE Pharmaceuticals.

When dieters find out a major supplement company outsources formulas and weight loss products to an outside company it may reduce that company’s popularity. Unfortunately, with so many products on the market from small to huge companies, there has to be a company like NVE Pharmaceuticals behind production.

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  • Provides formulation, bottling, packaging and other services for supplement companies.


  • None of the formulas produced by NVE Pharmaceuticals are sold directly be the company.
  • NVE Pharmaceuticals may be responsible for formulating supplements for a trusted vitamin company.


The supplement market is a multi-million dollar industry. Supplement companies may see a new ingredient gaining popularity and want a supplement on the market quick. NVE Pharmaceuticals is there to formulate, bottle, package, store and drop ship the supplement within the shortest time frame possible. NVE Pharmaceuticals does not directly sell any of the supplements on the market, but they do touch many of the supplements available for dieters today.

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