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Nyloxin is not a new product. Up until 1972, Nyloxin was marketed as a pain reliever. Changes in Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines forced the medication off the market despite clinical proof it reduced pain. Nyloxin is now a product of Nutra Pharma and there are OTC oral and topical products available for dieters with chronic or prolonged pain.

List of Ingredients


  • Asian Cobra Venom

Product Features

You read the ingredient correctly. Asian Cobra Venom is the sole ingredient in Nyloxin. Dieters can purchase regular or extra strength. Regular Nyloxin contains 70 mcg/ml and extra strength contains 140 mcg/ml. There are a ton of news reports claiming Nutra Pharma applied for approval of an RX version of Nyloxin, but there is no indication that the drug was ever approved. The application was filed in 2009. When we searched the FDA Drug Database we could not find a single entry about Nyloxin.

Nyloxin is clinically proven to reduce pain. Stronger preparations of the cobra venom have been proven useful for patients measuring pain above a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale where 10 is the worst pain. The product has a long history of clinical use and efficacy.

As for the possible impact on diet and weight loss, Nyloxin is a pain reliever and pain is a common symptom of obesity. When exercise programs are started in the beginning stages of a diet, pain can be extreme and cause the dieter to stop exercising after the first day or two. Nyloxin may reduce pain enough to make it easier to exercise and thus promote weight loss.

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  • Nyloxin is proven to reduce pain.
  • Nutra Pharma attempted to gain FDA approval for a prescription version of Nyloxin.
  • The drug was once prescribed as a non-narcotic pain reliever.


  • There is no direct impact on weight loss.
  • Nyloxin will not inhibit hunger or increase metabolism.


Pain is part of exercise, but for the obese dieter who needs to move more for various health reasons, pain can be overpowering. Nyloxin claims to be as effective as drugs like Oxycodone and Morphine without the drug addiction. The product is available as an oral spray and topical gel, so pain relief can be administered as needed without a prescription. Nyloxin is also a slow-acting pain reliever, so dieters can use the supplement at night before bed and feel less pain in the morning. Pain relief can have a significant effect on weight loss and exercise habits.

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    Paul McGuirk

    I give Nyloxin 5 stars, I have arthritis in my feet knees and hands, I have chronic gout in my feet. Four days after taking Nyloxin extra strength I no longer have arthritis pain I was very skeptical on the product. In full disclosure I invest in the company that makes it Nutra Pharma. it truly is an amazing product.