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OB Albumin is a weight loss supplement that claims to help the dieter shed excess weight with the power of protein. The ingredient list is available online, but there is no official website. Some of the ingredients have laxative properties, which could lead to dehydration and other negative side effects.

This supplement is not formulated in the United States and it is imported with each sale. There are a large number of imported supplements that have been found to contain undeclared ingredients. Dieters should take great caution when ordering supplements like OB Albumin.

List of Ingredients


  • OB Protein
  • Sea Fiber
  • Sea Medlar
  • Cassia Seed

Product Features

OB protein is not a term used in the United States. We found references to multiple other slimming products with this same ingredient but no verifiable information on what OB protein actually is. There are no calories listed in OB Albumin so we assume this is not a true source of protein.

Sea fiber is a bulk-forming laxative, as is the case with all forms of fiber. When taken with food, however, sea fiber may slow gastric emptying and keep the dieter fuller, longer. We are unsure if the ingredient is included as an appetite suppressant or a laxative, but the inclusion of cassia seed in OB Albumin leads us to believe the company is looking for the laxative effect.

Cassia seed is a laxative/diuretic. It will push waste and water out of the body so the scale looks like the dieter is losing weight, when water weight is the real culprit. If the dieter stops taking this supplement the water and waste weight will eventually return causing rebound weight gain.

Medlar is a flowering fruit plant that was once grown near the Caspian Sea. The plant is not currently cultivated widely so we are unsure if this ingredient is truly named. There is no connection between medlar or sea medlar and weight loss.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • The product is available for sale on multiple websites.


  • Contains laxative ingredients, which could cause negative side effects.
  • Laxatives are not safe for long-term ingestion.
  • Contains no proven weight loss ingredients.
  • None of the product claims are clinically supported with research links.


OB Albumin is not a safe supplement nor are the ingredients known to increase weight loss. The product description makes claims the company cannot stand behind with clinical research because such research does not exist. If a dieter is going to take a supplement for weight loss, it is important to choose a supplement with proven ingredients.

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