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What You Should Know

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The term OB is used in conjunction with protein in several Chinese supplements. We are unsure what this term means or if the protein carrying the OB name is actually protein at all as the supplements do not list any calories or grams of total protein.

We did not find an official website for OB Protein Diet Pills and there are no reviews or testimonials from dieters having tried the supplement. We looked for a free trial or a money-back guarantee for the supplement and found neither. Dieters are on their own to purchase this supplement and give it a try, but let’s take a look at the safety of the ingredients first.

List of Ingredients


  • OB Protein
  • Spiral Algae
  • Left-Octopine
  • Health Hawthorn
  • Ginsenosides
  • Fiber
  • Ginseng
  • Chitosan
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin E

Product Features

If OB protein were a protein there would be some calories listed on the ingredient label. There are no calories listed, so we are unsure about this ingredient. We find references to other slimming pills that contain OB protein, but no explanation of the OB name.

Spiral algae is a food product that offers fantastic vitamin support, but the claims of increased metabolism after taking this supplement (or ingredient) are not supported with clinical research.

There are more than 20 different opines. Left opine is not one of them. We have no idea which opine is included in this formula, so we can’t comment on the effect on weight loss or overall health.

Fiber and hawthorn are used as a laxative and diuretic, respectively. These ingredients may suppress hunger, increase bowel movements, cause dehydration and potassium loss and cause abdominal cramping, but they will not increase weight loss.

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  • The retail website selling the supplement lists all ingredients.
  • Good source of vitamins.


  • Contains OB protein, which is not explained online.
  • No weight loss ingredients with proven benefits.
  • May cause loose bowels and gas due to multiple sources of fiber.


The weight loss market is flooded with supplements that claim to have the answer to weight loss, but few live up to the claims. OB Protein contains some source of protein that is found all over the Internet in alternative weight loss supplements, but there is no clear explanation of the protein source or function. We found no calories on the label so we’re not sure it is really a protein at all.

Dieters who want to take a proven supplement should skip OB Protein. This supplement contains none of the proven ingredients known to boost metabolism and help a dieter lose weight.

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    Hi, can someone on hypertensive treatment or diabetes take OB Protein diet pills?


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    Hi, can i know tis product made in where? And they approve by kkm?? Cos think want to sell at my beauty salon. Any side effects?? How much per bottle??