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Obesity Help is a website dedicated to sharing information about weight loss issues, especially various types of medical intervention for obesity. The website has been around since 1998 and, according to the website, the site now has over 600,000 members. Obesity Help also publishes a monthly magazine called OH Magazine that includes articles, profiles and recipes.


Membership to Obesity Help is free and provides access to all areas of the website including the forums where members can discuss various aspects of obesity and surgery. The site also features a weight tracker and a blog feature.

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Although the website is not clear on who runs the website, its focus on weight loss surgical procedures suggests that it is run by physicians. This is also suggested by the “Find a Surgeon” feature where members can locate a medical professional to perform a weight loss procedure, such as lap bands, gastric bypass, duodenal switch, and biliopancreatic diversion. Articles on the site on each of these procedures link directly to this search feature.

We find the Obesity Help website useful for those who already understand a lot about their obesity and who already know that they are going the surgical route. However, for someone just trying to become familiar with the issues, this site may not provide a balanced viewpoint. There appears to be no discussion of exercise, proper nutrition or other non-surgical obesity management tools. Several of the Obesity Help articles refer to surgical solutions as providing “rapid weight loss” suggesting that it is an easier and quicker alternative to nutritional and lifestyle management. We would be more impressed with this website if it provided information on all of these other issues surrounding obesity.

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  • Provides in-depth information about surgical procedures for obesity.
  • Users can interact with other members through the forums.
  • Members can find a local surgeon.
  • Free to join.


  • May not provide a balanced viewpoint on all ways to control and conquer obesity.
  • Website does not provide information on who runs the website.
  • Does not appear to provide one-to-one help with obesity concerns


The Obesity Help website is definitely a useful information site for those who already know that they are candidates for weight loss surgery. The membership is free and the site has tools to track your weight loss. The Obesity Help site proves much less useful to those trying to find out what their options are for losing weight. The site provides no information on surgical alternatives. Fortunately, there are many other informational sites on the web that provide nutritional and exercise advice for those looking to lose weight.

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  • 1

    I’m going to be 30 in a few years and gave birth to 4 kids, but couldn’t seem to lose the weight after having them. What can I do to look and feel sexy again? Right now I’m near 300lbs and this is the biggest I have ever been, and my pants are size 26-28 and I hate the way that people look at me. Please HELP!!!


  • 2

    I’m in the prose to get a by pass done but need to loss 10 more pound’s & it has become impossible i been trying for 4 month’s to loss the 10 lb.What should i do cause I’m at the point of giving up


  • 3

    I had the lapband done in June but had foot surgery done in August. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can excerise. I tried walking while my son is at football practice but my foot kills me. Please I need some feedback…


  • 4

    I have just had the Gastric Sleeve done and I am looking for recipes for foods that I can eat?


  • 5
    lisa crockett

    my daughter is 12 year old she becoming very overweight im looking for a diet plan for her i need help



    Isuggest you lead by example and show her a healthy lifestyle in regards to food but excercise and sex and drugs. have you considered trying nutritonal supplements such as childrens vitamins if you start off with a regimen for the both of you it well help keep the system longer. IT starts with disciplne!