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What You Should Know

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Octosyne claims to be an ephedra-free fat burner. At this time, all legal supplements sold as fat burners in the United States are ephedra-free because ephedra is not legal for use in diet supplements. This is not a badge of honor, so what about the ingredients that are included in the supplement? We have multiple stimulants that could cause a long list of negative side effects when taken together. This supplement does not contain an appetite suppressant, so dieters need to be wary when taking Octosyne as it may cause increased hunger.

While we didn’t find any testimonials supporting Octosyne, we did find one website that offered the supplement with a 100-percent money-back guarantee. That guarantee will need to be fulfilled with the website selling the supplement, not the creator of the supplement MVP.

List of Ingredients


  • Octopamine HCL
  • Synephrine HCL
  • Caffeine
  • Hordenine
  • Theobromine
  • Yohimbine
  • Diiodotyrosine

Product Features

Octopamine is naturally found in bitter orange extract. It is used by insects and other animal species for muscle function, but there is no connection to weight loss. We did find that it is used as a prescription medication in some countries to treat low blood pressure, premature labor and other medical conditions.

Next on the ingredient list is caffeine – the mother of all stimulants. At 150 mg of caffeine, this supplement packs quite the punch. Some dieters can take 150 mg of caffeine with no problem, while others may notice jitters and shakes. You’ll have to test out caffeine-based fat burners to see how much caffeine is effective for you, but on average 75 mg to 100 mg is more than enough.

Theobromine and yohimbine are both commonly standardized for caffeine. In this supplement they are used for water reduction and fat burning, but there is no mention that they supply any additional caffeine.

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  • The ingredient list is shown online.
  • Contains some proven and effective ingredients.


  • Contains more than one stimulant.
  • Synephrine can cause negative side effects.


Octosyne contains multiple stimulants and that can be dangerous for dieters sensitive to stimulants. We know there are proven fat burning ingredients that are just as effective as multiple stimulants without the risk of negative side effects, but this supplement contains only one – caffeine and there is too much caffeine for most dieters. The dangers of taking this supplement outweigh the possible benefits. If you are in the market for a fat burner, look for one with ingredients that work to reduce hunger, increase metabolism and have clinical studies backing claims. The company behind the supplement should include this and more in the product description.

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