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What You Should Know

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Okappa Slim is a diet and weight loss product that claims you can eat what you want normally and still lose weight. It claims studies have shown people have been able to lose 14 pounds in one week, with the average weight loss being 7 pounds per week. We will take a closer look at this product to determine what, if any, benefits it has to offer those who are trying to lose weight. The product states it provides an all natural approach to weight loss with five key plant ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Standardized Extract, Guarana Extract, Dandelion Root, and Uva Ursi Powder. We are not sure if these are all the ingredients in the formula, or just the star ingredients the company wants people to really know about.

Product Features

The ingredients listed above are commonly found in many weight loss supplements, though not always in this concert. Garcinia Cambogia is an alternative to the recently banned ephedra, claiming to provide the same benefits without the harsh side effects. It is a stimulant which is thought to help burn fat. Green Tea is also a stimulant, containing small amounts of caffeine, but high in antioxidants. Gurana is another stimulant, thought to help boost the metabolism. Dandelion Root is a detoxifier as it will help remove obstructions from the liver, pancreas, spleen and other vital organs. By helping the liver, it improves the body’s ability to process and remove fat. Uva Ursi is a commonly used diuretic which will pull excess water from the body to reduce water weight gain, though it may provide a false sense of weight loss on the scale. Directions state to take one capsule, three times a day for best results, on an empty stomach before eating a meal.

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  • This product is all natural.


  • Okappa Slim is heavily on the stimulant side, and therefore may be difficult for those who are sensitive to them to handle.
  • It is hard to believe a person can eat “normally” and still lose weight. Normal diets these days include thousands of excess calories.
  • Though customer testimonials are present, none of them make mention of the product directly by name.


This is one of the weight loss products that makes claims that seem too good to be true. To effectively lose weight, you should combine a weight loss supplement that has a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant with a balanced diet and exercise plan.

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