Okinawan Tea Review

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Okinawan Tea

What You Should Know

Okinawan Tea comes from the Fujian Province in Southeast China. The product website, which appears to be an affiliate website, claims the tea has been harvested for hundreds of years in China. The tea is semi-fermented and claims to be 157% more effective at burning fat than Green Tea. We will take a closer look at the tea to determine if the Okinawan Tea is a viable weight loss option.

List of Ingredients

We are unsure if this product contains more than Okinawan Tea. There is not an official ingredient list for the tea bags.

Product Details

Okinawan Tea claims to be able to: help slow down the aging process, help burn fat, strengthen the immune system, and improve your energy levels and mental stability. It helps to decrease appetite, lower your blood pressure, improves the appearance of your skin, and helps to improve digestion. To use this product, you simply make a cup of tea using the tea bags. There is no talk about using the tea as a hot tea or a cold tea. The cheapest package available is $29.99 and contains 50 tea bags, making each serving
60 cents a cup. The most expensive package is 239.92 and contains 1000 tea bags, making each serving only 24 cents a cup. There is no advice about how often to drink the tea. Is one time per day enough? Twice a day? What about before every meal? Without this information, we cannot really tell where the value is, because we can’t see how long a box of tea bags will last a single person.

The Good

  • The product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

The Bad

  • We were unable to find a full ingredient list.
  • There are several skeptical websites we found that state Okinawan Tea may be nothing more than a scam.
  • The product claims to be 100% natural, though we cannot verify these claims.
  • The product claims to be backed by scientific results, and even provides a page to read those studies. However, when you try to visit that link to take a closer look at the studies, the page is blank.
  • There are no free trials of the Okinawan Tea.
  • Looking at the list of the benefits of this product, it seems to be a miracle product we should all be using. The benefits list seems just too good to be true.


We recommend using a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant product combined with a healthy diet and exercise instead of relying on this heavily vague product.

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