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You might be struggling to lose excess body fat. It turns out losing a few pounds is easier said than done. While gaining weight is typically not that difficult for most people, taking it off is a serious challenge. Well, the good news is you do not have to go about this on your own. There are plenty of methods for weight reduction and fat loss. The key is finding a method that suits your lifestyle and needs. One weapon in your arsenal against body fat might be a dietary supplement. The right diet pill can help you shed that unwanted body weight. Naturally it is important to know what is in a diet pill before you actually take it. This is why we created this review on Olive Leaf Extract, a natural ingredient found in some weight loss supplements.


  • Olive Leaf Extract

Product Features

Olive Leaf Extract is touted as an ingredient that can help increase the levels of thyroid hormones, break down body fat, and slim down your tummy area. This natural extract has been put through some clinical trials, and the results say that Olive Leaf Extract reduces the growth of fat in the stomach region. 3% Olive Leaf Extract was used in the tests, and this was actually done on rats, not people.

Other benefits of Olive Leaf Extract are enhanced nutrient absorption, reduced chances of diabetes, and a lower chance of getting certain types of cancer. This ingredient also provides antioxidants, which reduce free radical damage. Since Olive Leaf Extract minimizes inflammation, this helps reduce the accumulation of belly fat, which can be helpful for weight management. Often this ingredient is combined with other weight loss ingredients when used in diet pills.

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  • Olive Leaf Extract is totally natural, which some dieters will appreciate.
  • This ingredient provides antioxidants to reduce damage from free radicals.
  • There are no known side effects that pertain to Olive Leaf Extract.


  • Some people may be allergic to this natural ingredient.
  • The clinical testing done with Olive Leaf Extract involved rats, which means it may not work the same on humans.
  • There are more promising weight loss ingredients used today.


It is always nice to see a natural ingredient used in fat loss pills and diet aids. The reality is that most people want to take natural products, because they fear serious side effects from synthetic drugs. As for Olive Leaf Extract, this substance does sound promising for weight loss in some ways. However, it would be helpful to better understand how Olive Leaf Extract affects humans and addresses belly fat on men and women, as opposed to rats.

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