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Olympian Labs A-AKG Powder is an arginine supplement that claims to support nitric oxide production. This supplement is designed for bodybuilders, not dieters. Bodybuilders have unique supplement requirements that aim to increase muscle mass and, inevitably, weight gain. Muscle weighs more than fat so each pound of muscle causes weight gain. Weight bearing exercises are critical for bone health and weight loss, but they are not performed on the level of bodybuilding for weight loss. When a dieter lifts weights, they typically replace fat with muscle, but weight loss results, not weight gain.

List of Ingredients

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 3,000 mg.

Product Features

Nitric oxide moves oxygen to the muscle and increases blood flow. Supplements are dissolved into the blood stream, so the increased blood flow helps deliver supplements like creatine and protein to the muscle. In terms of bodybuilding, supplement delivery is important to muscle gains. The dieter does not need supplement ingredients to be delivered directly to the muscle as appetite suppressants and stimulants do not need contact with muscle to increase metabolism and suppress hunger.

This supplement may cause additional weight gain when taken with creatine. Creatine causes the muscle to retain water. If more creatine makes it to the muscle, more water is retained and the bodybuilder gains weight. Off season bodybuilders can carry around an extract 20 to 30 pounds in water weight alone. This weight is shed during the cutting phase. Dieters do not have a bulking and cutting phase, as they are constantly trying to lose weight.

Information on the supplement can be found online, including reviews from bodybuilders taking Olympian Labs A-AKG Powder. The price is extremely low compared to other bodybuilding supplements, but it is only used as a means of transportation for other, more expensive supplements.

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  • May increases blood flow to skeletal muscles.
  • Moves other supplement ingredients to the muscle.
  • Costs much less than fat burners or appetite suppressants.
  • May promote muscle gains.


  • May promote weight gain.
  • Must be taken in conjunction with other bodybuilding supplements.
  • Not designed for the dieter.


Olympian Labs A-AKG Powder is a nitric oxide supplement. The supplement is not designed to promote weight loss. Weight gain is a common side effect of using nitric oxide boosters when taken with creatine and other bodybuilding supplements. The low price is a moot point because the bodybuilder must take the supplement with other ingredients.

Dieters should look for a proven supplement with testimonials and before and after photos. Proven weight loss ingredients include green tea and caffeine. Chromium helps control hunger. The action of nitric oxide is not needed for weight loss so the dieter will see no benefit from this supplement.

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