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Olympian Labs CLA contains 1,000 mg of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. Like so many other supplements in the weight loss industry, CLA had its 15 minutes of fame. It was first released as Tonalin CLA. Tonalin was touted as the next huge weight loss breakthrough and the price of “authentic” Tonalin shot through the roof. CLA has since been clinically studied in humans with positive weight loss benefits, but the benefits are not as thrilling as the marketers would like dieters to believe. CLA studies prove the ingredient promotes lean muscle growth and fat loss, but there is a catch. Many of the studies were performed on athletes in the midst of training. If the average dieter gets up every morning and takes Olympian Labs CLA, it is highly unlikely they will notice a huge change on the scale.

List of Ingredients

Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Product Features

There are literally thousands of weight loss supplements on the market making the claim to increase weight loss, decrease fat stores and increase lean muscle mass. Most are just making claims that cannot be backed up, but others have a bit of clinical support. Olympian Labs CLA is one of the supplements with a bit of clinical support, but dieters should not expect to take the supplement and wake up the next morning feeling stronger and weighing less. In clinical studies, the lean muscle gain and fat loss offset each other so the scale never changed. While the body make look better, leaner; the dieter will not weigh less. There is also the need for exercise. Many dieters want a special exercise supplement that replaces the need for regular movement and calorie burn. That supplement does not exist.

There are good benefits of Olympian Labs CLA, but there are also a series of side effects. Some users have reported feeling cramping, stomach discomfort, gas and bloating. According to several CLA product descriptions, these side effects will taper off over time. CLA is not one of those supplements that more is better. Taking excessive amounts of CLA will only increase the risk and severity of side effects. Dieters should take this supplement as described in the product description.

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  • Olympian Labs CLA contains a proven ingredient.
  • Dieters may lose fat and increase lean muscle mass.
  • The supplement is generally less expensive than fat burners and appetite suppressants.


  • Taking too much CLA can cause negative side effects.
  • Some dieters report gas, bloating and stomach discomfort after taking CLA.
  • Will not cause weight loss.
  • Fat loss is offset by lean muscle growth.
  • Tested in athletes, not the average dieter.


There are thousands of CLA supplements, all created from the same ingredient – safflower oil. The product description for Olympian Labs CLA does not claim to be the next huge weight loss supplement, but it does support the fact that CLA will lean the body and reduce body fat. Dieters should understand that this supplement will not cause miracles. The dieter must workout and reduce calorie intake to lose weight.

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