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Olympian Labs DIM is an estrogen blocking supplement commonly used by male bodybuilding. The supplement is marketed toward both men and women for balancing estrogen levels. Estrogen is a key component in bodybuilding as higher than normal estrogen levels can reduce testosterone concentration. Many testosterone boosting supplements contain estrogen blockers. These supplements do not increase testosterone, but they do increase the concentration of testosterone or the ratio of testosterone to estrogen. DIM is typically derived from plant sources. The supplement is oil soluble, so dieters need to take the supplement with flax seed oil or another healthy oil.

List of Ingredients

DIM (Diindoyllmethane.)

Product Features

Bodybuilding men are always looking for a way to increase testosterone. More testosterone means faster muscle growth and increased strength. Pro-hormones were once widely used in the sport of bodybuilding, but President George Bush banned most of the effective testosterone boosters. Professional bodybuilding competitions and other sports events and leagues regularly test for pro-hormones for this reason. After the pro-hormones were taken off the market, supplement companies and bodybuilders started looking for products that would work the same way pro-hormones worked. There are no natural testosterone builders so the companies focused on estrogen. If a supplement could block estrogen, the ratio of testosterone would grow higher and the effect would be similar to that of a pro-hormone Estrogen blockers do not work as well as testosterone builders, but they are a viable and legal alternative.

This supplement is aimed at men and women. If Olympian Labs DIM blocks estrogen, women should not take the supplement. Women need estrogen for normal body function and reproduction.

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  • DIM may block estrogen to increase the concentration of testosterone.
  • May help control healthy estrogen levels.
  • Derived from natural sources.
  • May help the bodybuilder increase muscle mass.


  • Will not increase muscle mass without regular exercise.
  • Appears to be designed for bodybuilders, not dieters.
  • Women should be wary of taking a testosterone booster or estrogen blocker.
  • May cause menopause-like effects in women.


Olympian Labs DIM is a fat soluble supplement that claims to block estrogen in one sentence and regulate healthy estrogen levels in another. We are a bit confused how a supplement can block and regulate the same hormone. Women should approach Olympian Labs DIM with caution. Reduced estrogen levels can lead to menopause-like symptoms. Reduced fertility, increased body hair and lowered voice are all side effects of testosterone boosters and pro-hormones Men do not have to worry about these side effects, but men still need estrogen for a healthy balance.

Dieters will not lose weight taking this supplement. There are no testimonials or before and after photos supporting any weight loss or estrogen blocking claims. The supplement should be stacked with other supplements.

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