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What You Should Know

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Omega Cuts is a PMD supplement that can be used stacked with other muscle building formulas. The name Omega refers to essential oils needed for optimal muscle health and toning. There are no thermogenics or fat burners in the ingredient list, because other “Cuts” would need to be included in the stack to achieve those results. We could not find an official website for PMD or Omega Cuts, but several online retailers sell the products from PMD exclusively. Dieters wishing to lose weight could use Omega Cuts as part of a daily supplement plan.

List of Ingredients

Muscle Sparing Blend: Medium Chain Triglycerides Blend, Lauric Acid, Myristic Acid, Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid, Oleic Acid and Linoleic Acid.

Muscle Toning Blend: Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Gamma-Linoleic Acid, Alpha Linoelic Acid, Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid.

Product Features

At first glance, the ingredient list for Omega Cuts offers very little for the dieter. There are no proven weight loss ingredients, no fat burners and no appetite suppressants. Some manufacturers claim essential omega oils can reduce hunger, but this is not a proven effect. Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA, was once sold as a weight loss supplement that increased lean muscle, but over time research studies were unable to prove these claims and complaints of gastrointestinal discomfort caused many dieters to leave CLA behind.

The description for Omega Cuts is interesting. The formula is supposed to support muscle growth and with muscle growth comes a higher fat to muscle ratio. This means a higher metabolism. In a round about way, Omega Cuts is claiming to increase weight loss.

The price of Omega Cuts is much higher than other fish oil or omega oil supplements at $74.99. The supplement will not work effectively for fat loss as a standalone product, which means this is just the starting price. Higher overall cost will come from stacking other “Cuts” supplements. Dieters could quickly spend more than $200 a month on supplements for weight loss and health benefits and that is not affordable for most people.

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  • Omega fats are great for improved fatty acid balance in the body.
  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • This supplement is priced far higher than other fatty acid supplements.


Dieters who use Omega Cuts will not see the benefits they would gain from taking a fat burning supplement. Conjugated Linoleic Acid has also been linked to gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea which no dieter wants to deal with when trying to exercise and eat less.

Proven fat burners contain green tea, chromium and caffeine. These ingredients can be taken with a omega 3 complex purchased for a fraction of the cost of Omega Cuts. We truly feel this product is overpriced for what the dieter gains in return.

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  • 1
    Your Name

    When i started. Using omega. Cuts i was so was passing. Gas like. Crazy is this good. For the body. Lol.


  • 2
    Alexander cartagena

    My wife said she felt bloated from these pills can this happen while taking them.


  • 3
    Tricia Freidman

    Is there any additional supplement I should be taking with Omega Cuts in order to increase it’s effectiveness?


  • 4

    So 2nd day taking the Omega cuts, First day i took 2 before my workout the next day I woke up suddenly around 6am with a minor headache..Day 2 on Omega cuts I took 4 Caps, one in the morning and 2 before my workout. Woke up the next morning same thing 6am this time with a huge headache….I cant blame nething but the Omega Cuts I didnt take it yesterday and I woke up with no headache today…weird?


    dianne harris

    I had the same problem – realized it was caffeine and sugar withdrawal.


  • 5
    Howard Harriman

    Why do I gain wiegth when using a suppliment containing CLA? I have used different products all with CLA and have gained WT each time. As soon as I stop using this I go back to normal wich for me is up or down by 1 lbs. I have been on my personal food and fitness plan for about 16 months at my current level of weigth and fittness. Howatd.


  • 6
    seth kirkpatrick

    i left my bottle of omega cuts in my car during below freezing weather conditions. once i bring them back to room temperature will the omega cuts pills have gone through any change that could be dangerous to my health?


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