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OMG Fat Loss is a dieting and weight loss ebook written by board certified physician and nutritionist, Dr. Marc Lawerence. In the book he promises to teach you several different tips and tricks you can use to lose weight naturally, without all the hype and gimmicks of weight loss products. He claims you can do it without giving up your favorite foods, which is a major selling proint for the program. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? Check out our review to see what we think about the program and how it works.

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Product Features

OMG Fat Loss claims to give you the truth about low fat and low carb diets, but at the same time the website does not give you any real information about what you should be eating. In the book, you will be given a meal planner, recipes, a guide for dining out, a food journal, a habit journal, and a shopping guide. The website basically says that exercise with machines or in the traditional sense of the word is a waste of time, but alludes to an ultimate exercise that is the ticket to fat loss, without ever saying what it is. It claims that you will be having too much fun to even realize you are working out.

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  • OMG Fat Loss is an ebook, so delivery is instant.
  • OMG Fat Loss comes with free extras including a special report on fat loss.


  • OMG Fat Loss does not give you a lot of information about what you are getting until you buy the book.
  • The product website is full of a lot of hype and lacks a lot of actual information.
  • This product seems no different than other ebook products in the diet and weight loss niche.
  • This product does not promote combining exercise with a reduction of caloric intake.
  • Though there are testimonials, none of them mention the product by name.


Overall, the OMG Fat Loss book poses more questions than it can provide answers for. The website focuses on the bad aspect of diet pills, books, and many other products in the industry, but it does not provide the answer that shows these things to be bad. The website does not tell you real information about what you would be getting in purchasing the ebook, and this is why the product is questionable. Ultimately, for weight loss you need a healthy balanced diet, consisting of fewer calories than you burn every day. In addition to eating fewer calories, it is also important to workout using a combination of cardiovascular and strength training exercises. If you want to lose more weight than you can with dieting and exercise alone, then you may also want to consider using a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant to help you eat less, or a fat burner to help you burn more fat.

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    Janice Stine

    i can’t review any of the videos….I would like a refund. Plz….I have called a lot of times and some how I deleted my Ebooks.sure would like to hear from you….thank you so much. Jan


  • 2

    Having the blasck coffee with no sweetner etc – what about the medication i need to take in the morning?