Omnilife Thermogenics Review

Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

What You Should Know

Omnilife Thermogenics is a producer of many different health related products including: vitamins, supplements, energy drinks, weight loss items, and natural cosmetics. The products are sold and distributed through various Independent Distributors throughout the United States and Europe. This review will take a closer look at the various products offered by Omnilife Thermogenics to see which ones, if any of them are viable solutions to help you lose weight.

List of Ingredients

As Omnilife Thermogenics produces an extensive product line, each product will have an unique list of ingredients. Please see the specific product or products you are interested in for more information.

Product Details

Finding specific details about various products offered by Omnilife Thermogenics proves to be difficult for those who do not wish to purchase an online membership or contact a distributor directly. Pricing information is also difficult to locate because you must request a quote from the company or the distributor. The membership essentially requires that you “join their team” and accumulate 1000 points per year through your purchases. They say you don’t have to sell anything, but the membership allows you to get a discount and order products any time to have them shipped directly to your door.

The Good

  • The company operates in over 20 countries worldwide.

The Bad

  • We were unable to locate information about any of the specific products the company distributes.
  • It appears as though those who are interested in the company also need to become aware of the mult-level marketing, or the MLM behind the company.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • There are no free trials.
  • Those who are not interested in becoming a member for their own discounts have to contact an independent distributor.
  • The company website was difficult to navigate, with parts in Spanish that we weren’t expecting.


We don’t recommend this company or its products. When we tried to get information on the products, areas of the website that appeared to be links, weren’t. It seems as though the only purpose of the website was to recruit. With the large number of independent distributors out there, we are not even sure if we located the real official website! We recommend finding a trusted brand of products that contains an appetite suppressant or fat burner for the best results. Combine this fat burner or appetite suppressant with a balanced diet high in fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables and a regular exercise program to watch the pounds melt off.

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13 User Reviews about Omnilife Thermogenics

  • 1

    I have a good experience with omnilife, I have been drinking POWER & UNDO for 3 months to heal my lower back pain and it really works.


  • 2

    I have had a good experience with some of omnilife products. My only problem is that the omnilife web does not provide the vitamins or ingredients of products I would like to buy. We all like to be informed about what we take and some of us know well what some of this vitamins or ingredients do so why not provide that. Wouldn’t that help the consumer? And wouldn’t that bring more people who would like to try it?



    I just started omni life 2 weeks ago and i just love the products don’t put attention to negative reviews I could say that is the best product I have used to loose weight without diet,yes it sounds to good to be true I couldn’t believe it at all but I have it a try,all u need to know is that all carbs need to be consumed before 4:30 in the afternoon I eat everything no exceptions,and yes if the person that is selling it to u tells u of dieting is up to u,if I post this review is because I’m in love with the product,also my husband couldn’t use the restroom now he’s going normally,and also I hve a daughter that has being hospitalized for neumonia twice last year and has astma problems now I give her omni life and it totally changed her life and my life since she’s only 4 years old I was always at the dctr with her don’t think about it give it a try u won’t loose anything


  • 3
    Eddie R

    Im just another business person who joined one and another mlm co in the past trying to find that little extra thing to do besides running a small business and network at the same time, I love to see a real thankfull smile in each customer and after all training and learning from this companies and running my own stores I came to the conclusion that Mlm is nothing but a promise to get rich quick and easy., A Doctor introduced me to Omnilife four years ago and used the products for about 6months, I was healthy and in great shape while taking them.. I got sick again last year and after damaging my liver due to side efects from traditional medicine I had to find the Omnidoctor again and after using what he recomended I was healthy happy and thankfull again, Magic will happen when you combine the right attitude with the right product, I dont promote mlm because you chase people all the time and all the frustration that this brings but when you are a live testimony of a real product and people start asking you about it its just beautifull!! Not only the feeling of helping someone but when you see your bank account getting bigger.. Its easy!! Its just life:)!!


  • 4
    Daniel Ramírez

    It may be a problem as someone already said if you don’t speak Spanish. The most part of the information about Omnilife is on this language. They are amazing products that help in your lifestyle in general from loosing weight to help you fight sickness. Both of my parents are official distributors and it is really easy to get involved.


  • 5

    What product have u been using?@ javier i need to lose weight myself


  • 6

    Hi I’VE been using Omnilife Product’s for four year now. my period’s would last me 3 to 4 months I would use 3 TO 4 bags of pads a week now my periods last me 2 to 3 days you all need to go back and check web page because it dose give you all the info you need and like Javier said the products is awesome I can go on and on on how Omni as helped my family and myself Omni as be good my family


  • 7

    I have used Omnilife Pruducts for 3 years. my weight was 225 lb. and now 170 lb, My alergic and kidney problems were over after a couple of weeks taking the nutrients. and just for sharing with family and friends I won all paid trip to Europe on my second year and by the end o this year I’ll be
    travelling in The Oasis of the Seas cruiseship to the caribbean. The Produts are awesome.


  • 8
    Ana Hernandez

    Hello everyone!! I just want to clarify that there are thousands of customer testimonial about results of this products…If you do not speak Spanish, that is going to be a problem, you can find them in you tube videos… These products are also distributed in all America Latina countries… And finally, its website it is friendly with no distributors persons, but I agree that you find a lot of information for distributors only, since it offers many tools to growth (internet radio, competitions, nutritionist advices, and much more)… I have being using them for 4 years now, and my only worry is that I did not know them before, they are just wonderful!!!


  • 9

    Been using omnilife for a few months now. I feel great. I have lost weight. I usually spend this time of year sick and I am healthy instead. The website can be confusing/annoying. I recommend finding a distributor and talking to them. They can give you plenty of information about the products, testimonials, and ingredients…Definitely worth looking into!


  • 10

    I take the products daily… They are great! … The website was upgraded and it is much easier to navigate (I don’t know how old this article is). The only thing I find bad about the company is that not very many people know about it on this side of town.


  • 11
    Lorenzo Richelli

    Hi .. i just don’t think you did an exaustive investigation on this product or the company itself .. the web site is excellent .. please check it again .. OMNILIFE differs in it’s marketing strategy .. true .. just please .. get in touch if you like, and i will guide you on haw to get information, testimonies ect ect .. you;ll be surprised on what you’ll learn about omni and it’s products !!! ..thanks



    Have been using these producst for the last 4 years, the company can be reached at any moment in order to supply all needed information, nothing hiden !
    We are using some daily …