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What You Should Know

Omron is a manufacturer and distributor of many different electronic products and machinery. They offer products for industrial automation, electronic components, automotive electronics, social systems, and health care. This review will take a closer look at the products they offer in their health care line to see how they can help both personal users and professionals with various health care needs. The company is global and operates in the Americas, Asia, China, Europe and Japan.

List of Ingredients

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Product Details

For personal use Omron produces: Blood Pressure Monitors, Digital Thermometers, Body Composition Monitors, Pedometers, Nebulizers, Body Fat Monitors, and Heart Rate Monitors.There are several different blood pressure monitors that are all independently tested for accuracy. Both upper arm and wrist models are available. There are three different body composition monitors to show you how much muscle to fat is in your body for weight loss and strength training purposes. There are two body fat monitors for you to help keep up with your weight loss goals. There is one heart rate monitor to ensure you are getting to your target heart rate when you exercise. There are four nebulizers to help manage asthma, COPD and other bronchial conditions. There are six pedometers to help you measure the distance you are walking each day for health purposes. There are four digital stick thermometers and one ear thermometer available to help you take your temperature.

For professional use Omron produces: Blood Pressure Monitors, Non-Invasive Vascular Monitors, Portable ECGs, and Patient Monitors. Many doctor’s offices and hospitals around the world use the Omron products to care for their patients.

The Good

  • Products are available for both personal and professional use.

The Bad

  • Using these products won’t directly help with weight loss.
  • There are no free trials.
  • There are no customer testimonials.
  • Pricing information is not available form the manufacturer’s website.


While using a pedometer to measure how far you have walked in a day or during your exercise is good, or using a heart rate monitor to ensure you are reaching your target heart rate is a great way to monitor your exercise, using these products will not actually help with weight loss the same way a supplement such as an appetite suppressant or fat burner would help. We suggest finding a supplement and using it in conjunction with a balanced diet for best results. Adding some of the Omron products, such as the body fat monitor to help you monitor your progress and keep motivated may help you personally but won’t actually shed the pounds for you.

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    I purchases aan ear thermometer but cannot get a reading – what am I doing wrong ?