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One Source

What You Should Know

One Source is a company that produces a wide variety of multi-vitamin supplements for men, women, and seniors. This review will take a closer look at all the vitamin products the company offers to determine if any of them will assist you with your weight loss efforts.

List of Ingredients

The list of ingredients will vary depending on which vitamin formula you have. The full ingredient lists are not available. Compare the ingredients to other comparable vitamins before deciding to purchase them.

Product Details

One Source produces the following multi-vitamin products: Prenatal, Kids, Women, Men, and Senior Citizens. These may or may not be the exact product names because we cannot really tell. The source of the information for this review comes from several third party websites as we cannot find an official website. Since the first result in Google is a website that serves as a warning to not waste money on these vitamins, we are under the impression the company and its products are no longer in production. The vitamins are still available for sale from many third party vitamin stores, so if they stopped production it was only recently. We cannot confirm the production status of these products. We do know there are many negative reviews, but as the nutritional requirements change for different stages of life, there are different vitamins for each one of them.

The Good

  • There are vitamins for various stages of life.

The Bad

  • The vitamins do not appear to be in production.
  • There are many different bad reviews of these vitamins.
  • There is no pricing information available.
  • There are no free trials.
  • There are no money back guarantees.
  • There does not seem to be anything in these vitamins that would help with appetite suppression or fat burning.


Due to the extreme lack of information about the One Source vitamins, we do not recommend them. With the negative connotation of many of the reviews we were able to find, something about these vitamins has upset many people. Without an official website, we cannot tell whether or not the vitamins are still in production and have no reason to believe there is anything in them that would help with weight loss. We recommend you take a regular multi-vitamin in conjunction with a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant in order to help you lose weight. Combine it with a balanced diet and exercise plan to get the best results.

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