OneBode Review

Editor's Review: 2.8 / 5.0


What You Should Know

One Bode, pronounced as “body” is a holistic health supplement company designed to provide quality health care products to help keep you healthy and strong without harsh chemicals and other things that are not so good for the body. This review will take at the various products produced by the company

List of Ingredients

The actual list of ingredients will vary from product to product. We suggest you look more closely at the specific list of ingredients for the individual products you are interested in for more information.

Product Details

One Bode products include: Flo, Escalate, Balance, B Complete, Blend, Build, Chew-C, CraveMix Chocolate Case, CraveMix Chocolate Container L, CraveMix Vanilla Case, CraveMix Vanilla Container L, Define, Element, Essential, Flo for Families, Flo for Kids, Fresh, Live, Matrix, Oh, Pix C, Protect, Pure, Radical, Recover, Remove, Replenish, Structure, Support, Transform, Vitalize M, and Vitalize M. Flo is for digestive health. Escalate is for energy and clarity. Balance is for fats and sugars so your body can metabolize them rather than converting them to stored fat. B Complete is for whole B vitamins. Blend is for. Build is for. Chew-C is for vitamin C. CraveMix is a protein drink mix for meal replacement or muscle building. Define is to reduce body fat. Element is an iron supplement. Essential is stabilized vegetable oils. Flex is for healthy joints. Flo for Families and Kids are specially formulated versions of Flo. Fresh is powered fruits and vegetables. Live is probiotics. Matrix is for bone density. Oh is pH drops. Pix C is another vitamin C supplement. Protect is for immune system strength. Pure is a macronutrient powder. Radical is complete antioxidants. Recover is for inflammation. Remove is for colon cleansing and repairing. Replenish is for liver and kidney health. Structure is calcium supplementation. Support is for your adrenal function. Transform is for lean muscle development. Vitalize M is a special formula for men. Vitalize W is a special formula for women.

The Good

  • The products are all natural.

The Bad

  • There are many products to choose from so it can be overwhelming.
  • There are no free trials of these products.
  • There are no money back guarantees.
  • Many of these products are geared toward general health or muscle training.
  • Full ingredient lists are not available.


While the One Bode company produces a variety of supplements that could help you improve your overall health and your body, we don’t recommend them because of the lack of information about the ingredients.

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