Only Natural Expresso Energy Diet Review

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What You Should Know

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Only Naturals Expresso Energy Diet is a stimulant packed supplement with a few proven ingredients. It is a common misconception that adding more stimulants makes a product stronger. The heart can only move so fast. Increasing stimulants is bound to have more negative than positive side effects such as jitters, shakes and nervousness. The product sells for $25 from the official website. We did not see a section for testimonials.

List of Ingredients

Creatine, Kelp, Lecithin, Apple Cider Vinegar, Capsicum, Cocoa Extract, Coffee Bean, Green Tea, Kola Nut, Chromium Picolinate, Guarana Extract, Vitamin B6, Potassium Chloride.

Product Features

Creatine is an interesting ingredient for a weight loss supplement. Creatine causes water retention, so this ingredient is more likely to cause weight gain than weight loss. Creatine may also pull extra water into the muscle causing an imbalance of electrolytes. Cramping of the muscle is common with creatine use.

Apple cider vinegar is a trendy ingredient with no proven weight loss effect. Capsicum is cayenne and may have diuretic properties and a slightly thermogenic edge. Cocoa extract is a source of caffeine (or stimulant) as is coffee bean, green tea, kola nut and guarana. That is four strong stimulants in one supplement, a bit more than the average fat burner.

Chromium picolinate helps control blood glucose levels and appetite. There are clinical studies available to back up this fact, but none are listed on the Only Natural website. Vitamin B6 is a safe energy booster with a short body life. Dieters can expect to wash extra vitamin B6 out of the body in a few hours.

There is a warning on the official website that dieters with heart problems should not take this supplement. Certain prescription medications may also react to Only Natural Espresso Energy Diet.

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  • Green tea is a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Clinical studies proven chromium may control blood glucose levels.
  • The price is less than most fat burning supplements.


  • Apple cider vinegar is a fad diet ingredient that does nothing for weight loss.
  • Creatine may dilute electrolytes causing cramping.
  • Creatine causes water retention and weight gain.


This supplement is a combination of good and horrible ingredients. Creatine does nothing for the dieter trying to lose weight as it causes water to pull into the muscle and stay there. Some bodybuilders claim three to five pounds of weight gain within a few weeks of taking creatine supplements. While there are a few proven ingredients, the stimulant load is a bit strong for the average dieter. Most natural stimulants have very little clinical research backing claims, but caffeine has a lot. Caffeine is the only stimulant not included in this supplement.

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