Oolong & Matcha Tea Review

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Not all weight loss products are as they appear. Take Oolong & Matcha Tea, for instance. While you may assume this is a tea bag that is steeped in water, it is actually a liquid softgel formula. This diet product is manufactured by Irwin Naturals, and is available for a retail price of $21.99, but can be purchased for less online. The question is, can this dietary supplement actually aid with weight loss? We will take a closer look at this interesting product in this review.


  • Fish Oil (30% Omega 3 fatty acids)
  • Green Tea Extract (50% EGCG, 98% polyphenols) (leaf)
  • Matcha Green Tea powder (leaf)
  • Natural Caffeine
  • Oolong Tea Extract (50% polyphenols) (leaf)
  • White Tea Extract (95% polyphenols, 40% EGCG) (leaf)
  • Asian Ginseng Extract (25% ginsenosides) (root)
  • Astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) powder (root)
  • Brown Kelp (Undaria pinnatifida) powder
  • Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) powder (fruit)
  • White Peony (Paeonia lactiflora) powder (root)
  • Bioperine® Black Pepper extract (95% piperine) (fruit), Ginger extract (5% gingerols) (root)
  • Gelatin
  • Purified Water
  • Beeswax
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Glycerin
  • Annatto
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Titanium
  • St.John’s Bread
  • Tumeric

Product Features

Oolong & Matcha Tea can be taken once a day, along with a meal (three softgels). According to Irwin Naturals, this supplement burns off calories, increases metabolic rates, provides antioxidant protection, and assists with weight management. However, a reduced-calorie diet and exercise plan are recommended with this supplement in order to see real results.

A long list of ingredients applies to Oolong & Matcha Tea. Some of which are Natural Caffeine (may boost the metabolism), Green Tea Extract (contains caffeine), Fish Oil (encourages heart health), Matcha Green Tea Powder (may boost the metabolism), Bioperine (helps with nutrient absorption), White Peony, Brown Kelp, White Tea Extract (contains antioxidants), Oolong Tea Extract, and Asian Ginseng Extract (promotes a feeling of well being).

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  • The ingredients used in this weight loss supplement are posted online.
  • This diet product offers antioxidants and polyphenols to assist with overall health.


  • A lot of caffeine is used in Oolong & Matcha Tea.
  • There are some negative customer reviews for this supplement, found online.
  • This product may lead to side effects like jitteriness, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and headache.
  • A refund guarantee is not addressed for this diet pill.


It is clear that Oolong & Matcha Tea softgels rely mostly on caffeine to encourage weight loss. While caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, and it may help boost the metabolism, you should be careful about how much you take each day. Be aware that there is a caffeine warning posted with Oolong & Matcha Tea. Also, there are some negative customer reviews found online for this weight loss formula.

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