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Oolong Tea is a type of black tea native to ancient China and popular with dieters because of its antioxidant and metabolism-boosting effect, and is typically consumed black and without any flavoring. Consumption of this black drink began nearly 3,000 years ago, but its recent popularity has allowed it to be sold in the United States. It is now available in various retail and grocery stores. There is no question Oolong Tea, along with its counterparts black and green tea, have proven benefits, but its dietary benefits are still being reviewed. Good news, however: there is some evidence it may provide helpful benefits for dieters.

Dieters interested in Oolong Tea may purchase from various stores, but it is recommended dieters purchase it from an Asian grocer to get the ‘authentic’ flavor. There are no side effects associated with the drink, and it does not appear to have any adverse reactions with medication, making this ideal for most consumers. Some question if Oolong’s tea benefits really do offer any diet-related benefits, namely the rumored ability to increase metabolism.


Oolong Tea.

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Oolong Tea contains a variety of antioxidants and chemicals similar to caffeine, which may be where the energy components are derived from. The antioxidants do not provide any dietary benefits, however, but are shown to decrease the risk of several cancers and diseases. Oolong Tea is also proven to have a boosting effect on the metabolism, and is considered similar to Green Tea — but this effect is not as great as it is claimed to be. It may help dieters burn 200 calories per day if consumed more than two times per day, which is not a lot. Some dieters are suggested to cut back on their caloric intake for a bigger effect on their weight. Nevertheless, Oolong Tea contains similar properties as Green Tea and Black Tea, and also is considered to have a pleasing, gentle flavor.

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  • Is available worldwide in grocery and retail stores, but may also be purchased online.
  • Contains chemicals which may stimulate metabolic production.


  • It may offer a small boost in the metabolism, and this effect is only stimulated if consumers drink more than two cups per day.
  • Contains chemicals similar to caffeine, which may be stressful on the heart.
  • Does not contain many diet-related benefits, but may contain some health benefits.


Oolong Tea is a favorite in China and is heralded as the balance between Green and Black Tea in the United States, but its dietary effects may be minimal and drinking it daily in substantial doses is required to even have a chance of experiencing this effect. It is more important for dieters to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise as a means of stimulating weight loss.

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3 User Reviews about Oolong Tea

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    I bought oolong from a chinese medic and followed the instructions but had the most awful stomach pains and felt quite ill. I only drank it for three days but the effects lasted a couple of weeks


  • 2

    I purchase Oolong tea directly from China. It is almost flavorless and it is very light in colour (British spelling). I use this tea as a compliment to my exercise and diet regime. It works for me. I noticed when I am using it bloating is non existent and I look and feel slimmer. When I am not using this tea I tend to gain weight quickly, if I lapse on my diet. I honestly don’t think it will help much with people looking to lose a lot of weight but if you are already slim and on an exercise program and you tend to stray off your diet occasionally, ‘this tea is right for you’….


  • 3

    i bought oolong tea from chinese grocery store and test it no flavor and color of tea is light. Is it a fake one ?