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OptiTrim is a multi-phased weight loss system that is commonly used in a medical weight loss setting. Through stages one and two, dieters will use the OptiFast meal replacement system to facilitate weight loss. We found it interesting that OptiFast listed amazing weight loss numbers of 52 pounds in 22 weeks. The fine print regarding that weight loss, however, read that the weight loss was only temporary in most cases.

List of Ingredients

Two stage weight loss process created around OptiFast foods and program.

Product Features

Stage one of the OptiTrim weight loss system begins with medical testing and meetings with a dietician and weight loss coach. After these first steps are over, the dieter will be given OptiFast meal replacements to eat on a daily basis. There is no mention of whether the meals are included in the OptiTrim plan or pose an added cost. In addition to eating OptiFast foods, the dieter will also eat planned and measured meals. There is no calorie counting on the OptiTrim weight loss plan. Dieters are also expected to meet weekly for counseling and weigh ins.

The second stage begins at week 9 of the OptiTrim plan. By week 9, dieters are weaned off the OptiFast foods and returned to a full food diet. One on one coaching sessions continue for three more weeks. If dieters liked the weight loss results when eating OptiFast foods, they can continue to choose these meals over whole food.

The OptiTrim plan is advertised by several medical weight loss clinics. It seems the OptiFast program is dedicated to people who have more than 50 pounds to lose and the OptiTrim for those who have 50 pounds or less to lose. Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines lists program information and results such as average weight loss (52 pounds), decreased blood glucose (by 29%) and decreased cholesterol (by 15%). If all OptiTrim programs are associated with medical facilities, this could pose a huge cost for dieters wishing to try the program to lose weight.

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  • Information on OptiTrim is easy to find online.
  • The program claims weight loss of 52 pounds in 22 weeks.


  • OptiTrim could be very expensive.
  • It looks like dieters will need to pay for OptiFast weight loss meals.
  • Weekly meetings and counseling can be very time consuming and potentially impossible for some dieters.
  • Without medical insurance, testing required before starting the program could be expensive.


OptiTrim and OptiFast are the same program for two sets of dieters. OptiTrim is dedicated to dieters who have 50 pounds or less to lose. This weight loss system is supported by medical clinics promoting intervention based weight loss plans. OptiTrim could be one of the more expensive programs to follow.

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    Tim Stewart

    You said you would tell us the ingredients, but I must have missed it.


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    Beverly James

    I have had breast cancer caused by estrogen. Soy feeds estrogen. I am to have no soy intentionally. Is there any soy in Optitrim? Thank you


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