Oral HCG Diet Solutions Review

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The diet product market is certainly growing to say the least. In fact, more and more methods to shedding those unwanted pounds are emerging. One interesting option is Oral HCG Diet Solutions. Unlike the many capsule and tablet supplements that contain several active ingredients to encourage weight reduction, this formula simply contains one component to potentially aid with fat loss. It is a natural component that already occurs in the human body.

Oral HCG Diet Solutions comes in a liquid form that is taken with a dropper. One two-ounce bottle sells for $100 via the official website. An instructional booklet comes with this formula to assist dieters. A single bottle is supposed to last 25-30 days. There are some success stories with before and after photos presented on the official website. Unfortunately there does not appear to be a money-back guarantee.

List of Ingredients

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, Purified Water and 20% Alcohol.

Product Features

Oral HCG Diet Solutions focus on a naturally occurring hormone known as HCG (occurs in a woman’s body during pregnancy). Put simply, this hormone enables the body to metabolize fat cells. So, this product uses this key component in small doses in order to mimic this natural process. More specifically known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HGC has an effect on the user’s heart, which increases the metabolism. This is supposed to aid with the burning off of unwanted fat that is stored in the body. According to the official website, this method of weight reduction is totally safe. Furthermore, the majority of people that use Oral HCG Diet Solutions apparently shed up to 20 pounds in one month. A low-calorie diet and regular exercise are not encouraged with this weight loss product. In fact, it is stated that a low-calorie diet will slow down the user’s metabolism, and may lead to weight gain.

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  • Oral HCG Diet Solutions utilizes a naturally occurring hormone, which some dieters may like.
  • There are testimonials presented for this product.


  • This product does not endeavor to increase thermo genesis.
  • Oral HCG Diet Solutions costs a whopping $100 for a mere two ounces.
  • A low-calorie diet plan is not recommended.
  • There is no exercise encouraged with this weight loss product.
  • You cannot get your money back if you are unsatisfied.


The cost of Oral HCG Diet Solutions is a tad high in comparison to most other weight loss products and programs offered online. Naturally this alone may deter some dieters. Furthermore, it seems odd that a low-calorie diet plan is not encouraged with this liquid supplement. While it is nice to see that before and after photos are posted, we cannot recommend Oral HCG Diet Solutions as a weight loss supplement.

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