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Orbitrek Platinum is a Thane USA fitness machine. Thane manufactures several machines for home or commercial use. The Orbitrek Platinum is not currently listed on the official Thane website. Orbitrek Elite, however, is listed as being for sale. Looking through several third party websites, information on Orbitrek Platinum is scarce, but available. It seems that Thane produced the Orbitrek Platinum before the Elite. Customers liked the unit, but there were a few concerns about assembly and machine size.

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Orbitrek Platinum elliptical machine.

Product Features

Orbitrek Platinum was probably priced in the same $250 price range as the Orbitrek Elite. The machine consists of foot pedals and hand grips that move when the machine is in use. There are no electrical readouts or fancy heart rate monitors or calorie counters on the base machine. Thane does offer these units for a separate cost, but they will not attach to the Orbitrek Platinum unit. The free-standing hand grips could make using the machine hard for a fitness beginner. There is no place to rest upper body muscles during the workout. This will also place additional pressure on the lower body. Because of the free-standing grips, the Orbitrek Platinum will burn more calories but will be harder to use.

Customer reviews are often the best source of real information on a piece of fitness equipment and the Orbitrek Platinum is no different. Some customers found assembling the unit to be difficult. Some smaller consumers also found the unit to be too wide for a comfortable stance. This could be one reason the Orbitrek Platinum was replaced with the Orbitrek Elite.

Thane does not offer the Orbitrek Platinum for sale from the official website. Third party websites do not seem to have the unit for sale either. Orbitrek Elite may be the only machine currently sold by the Thane manufacturing company.

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  • Elliptical machines are gentler on the knees and joints.
  • Free-standing hand grips will burn more calories.
  • The machine was probably priced comparably to other elliptical machines.


  • Orbitrek Platinum is no longer for sale.
  • The unit may be hard to put together.
  • Some petite consumers may find the machine too wide.


Working out at home is the common choice for many dieters. When purchasing a piece of workout equipment, it is important to read customer reviews. It is also important to be realistic about the dedication needed to lose weight. Home fitness equipment is often bought as a spur of the moment decision with the consumer soon growing tired of the machine. The Orbitrek Platinum, or Elite, could provide a welcome home workout experience if the dieter is willing to start slow, work up to the full hour and practice healthy eating habits.

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  • 1
    Christina Bayo

    I am looking for replacement part #12BL with allen wrench for Thane Fitness OrbiTrek Platinum.


    Roger jepson

    I also need the pedal hinge bolt – did you have any success?


  • 2
    Gloria Salinas

    I am trying to buy the friction belt, can you please help me?