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Genceutics Organic Cinnamon is one of the few supplements to make weight loss claims. According to the product description, cinnamon may help “reduce body fat”. While there are many health benefits associated with cinnamon, fat loss is not one of them. Fat loss requires a boost to metabolism and that is not the effect cinnamon has on the body. We did find plenty of research linking cinnamon to other health benefits mentioned, like lower cholesterol levels and maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Genceutics does not offer a free trial of Organic Cinnamon. There are testimonials on the website, but none mention weight loss and before and after photos are not provided.

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Organic Cinnamon.

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Cinnamon is a healthy addition to any meal. Studies have linked cinnamon to improved memory, reduced total cholesterol and reduced appetite via blood glucose control. The blood glucose control could be the root of the fat loss claims made by Genceutics. Is cinnamon going to make you feel like you could go for days without eating? The simple answer is no, but the pathway by which cinnamon helps control blood glucose levels could curb hunger after meals.

Blood glucose spikes soon after a meal. This spike means the body is digesting the food. High-carbohydrate meals require more glucose so the spike is higher. After using up the simple energy carbohydrates provide, the increased supply of blood glucose is cut off and it plummets. The body may have trouble stopping that plummet at the right spot so a dip can occur in blood glucose levels. When glucose levels dip, the brain thinks more food is needed to help raise glucose and that dreaded hunger reflex kicks in. The body does not need more energy, but it also does not know the difference.

If cinnamon helps to control that dip after the spike, it make help to regulate the hunger reflex, but that has nothing to do with burning more fat.

Organic Cinnamon by Genceutics sells for $17.99 per bottle. This is priced higher than average, which is common for Genceutics products, likely due to the organic ingredients.

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  • Cinnamon may help regulate blood sugar.
  • Cinnamon may lower blood cholesterol.
  • May be linked to improved memory and cognition.


  • Will not increase fat loss as claimed.
  • Is not associated with weight loss.
  • Price is too high for an inexpensive ingredient like cinnamon.


We are all for dieters grabbing some cinnamon and eating one of the healthiest spices on the planet, but that does not mean paying nearly $18 for that cinnamon is a good idea. Weight loss claims are not supported and research study links do not validate the online publication. We would skip this product.

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