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Organic Fiji is an organic company certified by the USDA. The company produces lotions, oils, soaps, body polishes, lip balm and cooking oil from all-natural ingredients. The dieter would only be able to use the cooking oil as a part of a healthy diet, exercise and supplement program to increase weight loss. Organic Fiji currently produces coconut oil as the only nutritional product.

List of Ingredients

100% Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Product Features

Organic Fiji Coconut Oil is 100% organic. Coconut oil is commonly used by dieters following a low carbohydrate lifestyle to combat constipation associated with extremely low carbohydrate levels. The product description for Organic Fiji Coconut Oil claims several health benefits aside from the known laxative effect. These benefits include supporting metabolism and promoting weight loss. Organic Fiji does not mention any clinical studies or research findings that support these claims.

Organic Fiji Coconut Oil also claims to instantly increase energy. In basic terms, this is correct because coconut oil is 100% fat and fat provides 9 calories of energy per tablespoon, but the dieter will not feel a sudden boost of energy from eating coconut oil.

Weight loss foods and supplements need to offer the dieter support for their weight loss efforts. This support could come from high fiber levels in food to reduce hunger or high protein levels to stave off that need to snack between meals. Coconut oil by Organic Fiji does not offer either of these benefits.

Organic Fiji sells 13 ounces of coconut oil for $16.00 plus shipping and handling. Organic coconut oil can be purchased in the grocery store for far less money.

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  • Coconut oil has no cholesterol.
  • Coconut oil has no trans fats.
  • The product is organic.
  • Organic Fiji supports online ordering.
  • The USDA has certified the Organic Fiji company organic.


  • Coconut oil will not increase weight loss.
  • The oil may cause diarrhea.
  • Organic Fiji prices are higher than other coconut oil products.
  • Organic Fiji only offers one nutritional product.


We look for products that can be used as a part of a healthy diet, exercise and supplement program to improve overall health and aid the dieter in achieving weight loss efforts. Organic Fiji coconut oil may fit into that category, but for the price, a dieter could visit a local organic or whole food store and buy the same coconut oil for less. Coconut oil may also cause a laxative effect. Choosing a healthy oil is an important fat of eating healthy and coconut oil is a great choice as it contains no cholesterol or trans fat. However, it is important for the dieter to minimize oil intake to keep caloric intake low.

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