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There is no official website that we could find for Organic Health Select, but we did find several consumer reports that claimed the company charged credit cards for amounts in excess of $135 without the consent of the dieter. These reports are linked with free samples of products and were charged as subscription services to corresponding websites. When the website given for the transaction was accessed, there was no mention of Organic Health Select though the reports were filed recently.

List of Ingredients

Acai berry supplement free trial offers.

Product Features

According to consumer reports, Organic Health Select is linked to acai berry supplements. The consumers order a free trial of the supplement and are then charged a subscription fee of about $135 to the website. The subscription fee is deducted from the credit card used to cover the shipping and handling charge for the free trial.

Acai berry is not associated with weight loss through proven clinical trials, but has been noted as a strong antioxidant which may help to improve general health. Antioxidants fight free radical damage in then body; something everyone is affected by on a daily basis. Free radicals take over healthy cells and multiply, killing off the cells and reducing the elasticity of skin and impairing the immune system. These effects are not directly related to weight loss in any way we could find.

As for the unsolicited charges on consumer credit cards, we looked at the terms of service for one website listed in a consumer report which is linked to the Acai 6 supplement. The trial period cost is for access to the website. The initial price of $3.97 covers one day of access. If the subscription is not cancelled within one day, the consumer will be charged $139.86 for full access and supplements will be sent out. The credit card is then placed on a recurring billing for more supplements to be charged at $49.21 on the 15th day after the initial trial and every month thereafter.

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  • None.


  • The dieter is given only one day to cancel the website membership.
  • The product website claims acai supplements are included in the order.
  • There is no mention of the front page of the website of one day access only.
  • No official website exists for Organic Health Select.


While we could find no direct link between Acai 6 and Organic Health Select, there are numerous complaints from consumers about the same charge appearing on their credit card after starting a free trial from Acai 6 or other acai supplement. With only one day to evaluate the trial, consumers are left with a huge charge on their credit card without any previous knowledge.

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