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Genceutics Organic Milk Thistle claims to support liver health and liver detoxification. The product is 100% vegetarian and organic. No chemicals are used in the growing of the milk thistle for Genceutics Organic Milk Thistle. The product label is available on the Genceutics website for customers who want to view the ingredient list. The product can be ordered from Genceutics directly, but we have also seen Genceutic products on other vitamin websites. No free trials are available. Testimonials and contact information are published for visitors.

List of Ingredients

Certified Organic Milk Thistle 350 mg.

Product Features

Milk thistle has been used for centuries to treat liver disorders and support liver health. There are also theories that milk thistle can work as an anti-cancer agent in the body. Genceutics lists other potential health benefits, such as relief from upset stomach and promotion of antioxidants. There are research studies listed in the product description, but no links to outside publications of these studies are provided.

One study was completed by the Natural Products Laboratory in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. This study investigated the benefits of milk thistle on prostate cancer cells. This study tested two components of milk thistle as standalone supplements. The study goes no to state that common over-the-counter supplements may not contain enough of one of the tested components to be effective.

The second study is not a study at all, but rather a product sheet or history on milk thistle. The final study investigated the effects of silymarin, a component of milk thistle, on acute hepatitis. This study has nothing to do with promoting healthy liver function or detoxing the liver with milk thistle as silymarin is only a part of the whole.

Detox supplements will sometimes include milk thistle and push the product as a weight loss solution. There is no connection between this ingredient and weight loss, nor has there ever been a claimed connection.

Genceutics Organic Milk Thistle sells for $27.99 per bottle. We found milk thistle supplements for as little as $2 online so this product is a bit overpriced.

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  • May help protect liver function.
  • Ingredients listed on the main website.
  • Visitors can order from the manufacturer.


  • Milk thistle extract is not associated with weight loss.
  • The product is overpriced.
  • Research studies listed do not back the product claims.


Supplements are available to treat or prevent many health conditions. Researchers are constantly testing homeopathic treatments to determine where these gifts from nature can be best utilized. Though Genceutics Organic Milk Thistle is free from chemicals and pesticides, it does not provide any weight loss benefits and the company lists clinical studies that have nothing to do with the product claims. The high price simply means visitors are paying for the organic nature and not the supplement.

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