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The OSIM iGallop is an exercise device designed to imitate horseback riding as an innovative, no-sweat approach to exercise. Endorsed by Equestrian Champion Diani Lee, the iGallop claims to target the body’s core muscles and improve posture through the device’s vibrating action, which participants must balance on. According to iGallop’s studies, participants lost up to 13 lbs. in 90 days by completing a daily 30 minute session. The iGallop is simply designed for all ages and all lifestyles, and participants can use up to four positions and four speeds for different intensity. According to OSIM iGallop, each position allows a person to tone a certain part of the body.

Currently, the iGallop is available through OSIM’s official site for $449.10, which is very expensive for a simple exercise device. It is also packaged with a one-year warranty and a free instructional CD guided by workout expert Nancy Kennedy. Although the device and the site look professional and are very informative, experts are having doubts about iGallop’s actual exercise benefits.


The iGallop contains no ingredients.

Product Features

The OSIM iGallop believes simulated horseback riding is an effective workout, which they back up with a couple of studies. This device shows some effectiveness at strengthening the core muscles, since participants must actively balance on the device, which exerts some stress on the core. The manufacturers do not explain how it strengthens other muscles and it does not appear to greatly impact other regions, such as the legs or arms.

Many people have criticized the iGallop for falsely advertising its product. They claim the OSIM iGallop is too limited to effectively tone all parts of the body, which iGallop disputes. Unfortunately, the iGallop does not back these claims with verifiable evidence or picture testimonials.

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  • The iGallop appears to effectively target core muscles.
  • Exercises are guided through a free instructional DVD.
  • Almost anyone can use it.


  • It is extremely expensive for a simple exercise device that only offers a single exercise.
  • There are no outside studies conducted on this device.
  • Testimonials from outside sources are mostly negative, citing aggravation with the iGallop’s vibrating mechanism.
  • It does not target all parts of the body, and dieters are advised to invest in wider ranging devices instead.


The OSIM iGallop may look impressive, but it neglects to provide enough proof about how it effectively tones a person’s body. The iGallop is very expensive and does not offer enough exercises to tone all parts of the body – a better workout is best achieved at a gym. This is an advisable alternative to other bulky equipment for people with limited mobility, as it offers easy, seamless support for people with mobility problems. For the serious dieter, however, a trip to the gym or an herbal diet supplement is a better bet.

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