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Oxantrione is a steroid knock off that is commonly sold online as an anabolic steroid. The supplement is supposed to have anabolic like effects on the body, but no prescription are needed to buy the supplement. One website actually lists Oxantrione as an anabolic steroid complete with cautions. The most common Oxantrione supplement is Var 10. Var 10 is manufactured by Anabolic Research. Var 10 is no longer listed on the official website as being part of the Anabolic Research line.

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The name Oxantrione is listed on nearly every anabolic steroid forum on the Internet. The company formulating Var 10 claims Oxantrione is an anabolic steroid, but no ingredients are ever listed. Retailers also list the product as a steroid and even list medical warnings pertaining to taking steroids under a doctor’s care only. This is one big ploy to get people to buy the supplement for $85.00. If an ingredient list were added to these sites, the dieter would read herbal ingredient names and instantly know the product is not a steroid.

When looking through the hundreds of forums listing Oxantrione or Var 10, many new and young bodybuilders see Oxantrione or Var 10 listed on a banner and instantly believe it to be an affordable steroid. Some even believe it to be the same steroid sold as Anavar. Anavar is Oxandrolone which is an anabolic steroid. Anabolic Research purposely named Oxantrione a name similar to Oxandrolone to fool people into buying the product.

Anavar is not available without a prescription from any public website selling via banner ad. Doctors often prescribe Anavar to help patients suffering from long-term or terminal illness gain weight. For the dieter, weight gain is not the desired result. Bodybuilders turn to anabolic steroids to increase muscle gains and harden muscles for competitions or personal pleasure. Competitive bodybuilders found using anabolic steroids are often banned from competing.

Oxantrione is not an anabolic steroid. While the ingredients are unknown, they could contain a variety of herbal testosterone builders and energy supplements to make the user feel like they are gaining something from taking the supplement.

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  • None.


  • Companies market Oxantrione as an anabolic steroid.
  • The price of $85 is far higher than other natural testosterone builders.
  • No known ingredient list exists for the product.
  • Consumers taking Oxantrione have noted no muscle building effects.


Taking anabolic steroids is not the safest way to gain muscle. Dieters are often surprised to find that steroids are prescribed in the medical community for weight gain, not weight loss. Oxantrione is a fake supplement that uses name similarity to sell an herbal supplement to na

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    I was a victim of being duped from “VAR 10.” There is something in there that definitely causes acne and aggression. But the fact that it’s fake ANAVAR turned me off after the first week of cycle. Dynamic Sports Nutrition (anabolic.com) sells this and other fake steroids. You can return the product with a 25% restocking fee once you opened it.


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