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Earth’s Bounty is a supplement company that sells Noni, Anti-Aging and Cleansing supplements – among many others. One of the products supported by Earth’s Bounty is Oxy-Cleanse. Oxy-Cleanse uses the power of magnesium peroxide to cleanse the bowel and intestines. Supporters claim magnesium peroxide releases oxygen when digested. This oxygen then “bubbles” through the intestine and bowel breaking away toxins and built up waste for elimination. The official Earth’s Bounty website makes these claims but does not support them with clinical research.

List of Ingredients

Magnesium peroxide, Vitamin C, Bioflavonoid Complex and Gelatin Capsules.

Product Features

Magnesium oxide is typically listed as the main ingredient in oxygen-based colon cleansers. Oxy-Cleanse lists magnesium peroxide. Despite the change in name, the results in the body are the same – laxative effects. Magnesium peroxide is used in industries other than natural therapy. Bleaching, deodorizing and disinfecting are three typical uses for magnesium peroxide.

Some online descriptions of the ingredient do claim oxygen is released when the Oxy-Cleanse main ingredient is hydrated. These claims are not backed up with research. The only supporting information we could find was linked to other colon cleansing products for sale.

Unlike many colon cleansing supplements, Oxy-Cleanse makes direct claims regarding weight loss while using the natural laxative. According to Earth’s Bounty, up to five pounds of undigested food can sit in the body. Oxy-Cleanse helps push that food through the intestines and out for added weight loss.

Other claims made by Earth Bounty regarding the Oxy-Cleanse supplement include removal of hardened waste deposits in the bowel and detoxifying heavy metals in the body. Again, these claims are not supported with clinical research. Oxy-Cleanse sells for $22.99. If consumers buy 10 or more products from Earth’s Bounty, the price will be reduced by 30% for all supplements and products.

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  • Magnesium is a natural laxative.
  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Oxy-Cleanse is priced similarly to other colon cleansers.


  • There are no research trials supporting the claim of oxygenated cleansing.
  • Oxy-Cleanse directly lists weight loss as a benefit of taking the supplement.
  • Magnesium peroxide is also used for bleaching, disinfecting and deodorizing.
  • Potential side effects include cramping and diarrhea.


Oxy-Cleanse offers dieters a different product name, but does not change the facts regarding oxygenated colon cleansing. Magnesium peroxide may release oxygen when hydrated with water, but stomach liquids are not water – they are acid. There is no reason to believe this natural laxative is any different from Psyllium, Senna or fiber aside from the fact that it can also be used for bleaching and disinfecting. Oxy-Cleanse appears to be more aptly used as a household cleanser rather than a colon cleanser. Claims of bubbling away hardened waste may be visually effective, but are not founded in science based fact.

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2 User Reviews about Oxy-Cleanse

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    I’ve just about finished my first bottle of Oxy-cleanse. I’ve been using various types of ‘natural’ laxatives for around 9 years due to chronic constipation. In the past week I’ve had lots of burping and chest pain, on and off and my bowels seem to need 2 x am and 2 x pm for any effect and then it’s diarrohea, otherwise not much effect as a laxative. Could this magnesium peroxide be causing the chest pains by way of wind or impacting my heart – I have a slow heart rate ie around 60bpm. Any help would be great as I’m concerned about my heart.


  • 2
    rhonda donais

    how long does oxy cleanse take to remove years of waste from your bowels? I have been taking oxy cleanse for three days now. My bowels are moving, waste is coming out. I have back pressure and i know i have a lot of build up inside my bowels. How long before it all comes out?