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Oxy-Mega is a colon cleanser with an official website. The supplement claims to use the power of oxygen to cleanse the intestinal and bowel system more effectively. As of late, more and more colon cleansers are using oxygen as their main push for sales. Rarely do any of these oxygen supplement post clinical trials or studies supporting the claims that magnesium, the main ingredient, produces oxygen within the body. The official Oxy-Mega website is a bit difficult to navigate. All information is listed in a block format and the dieter will be forced to read hundreds of words simply looking for an ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

Magnesium oxide, citric acid and vegetarian capsules.

Product Features

Magnesium oxide, the cleansing ingredient in Oxy-Mega, is used in alternative medicine for a variety of ailments including indigestion, heartburn and upset stomach. The ingredient is also a short-term laxative. Unlike other herbal laxatives, magnesium oxide can cause nausea, cramping and bowel obstruction. Oxy-Mega lists none of this information on the official website so the dieter would never realize these potential side effects if they did not choose to research the main ingredient.

Among the literature found online pertaining to magnesium oxide, there was no mention of the ingredient transforming to oxygen when ingested or causing a reaction that produced oxygen in the bowel.

What is more interesting than the ingredient list is the manufacturer information. Oxy-Mega is produced by Applied Ozone Systems. The company, out of California, also supplied ozone systems for pools and spas. Pool companies may not be the most reliable supplement companies.

There are several versions of Oxy-Mega for the dieter to choose from. Mild retails for $20 per bottle with free shipping and handling. Super retails for $35 with free shipping and handling. At the time of this review, Oxy-Mega was no longer available for sale.

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  • Magnesium will increase bowel movements.
  • Ingredients were easily found online.
  • Oxy-Mega is priced comparably to other colon cleansers.


  • Oxy-Mega is not a proven herbal supplement.
  • The supplement manufacturer is a pool company.
  • Oxy-Mega is no longer available for sale.
  • Magnesium Oxide, the main ingredient, can lead to nausea and cramping.
  • Bowel obstruction is linked to magnesium oxide.


When a pool company starts selling colon cleansing products there may be a problem. While Applied Ozone Systems no longer supports the sale of Oxy-Mega, the company swears there were neither problems with the supplement nor any complaints. Applied Ozone Systems even suggests another oxygen based colon cleanser to dieters and gives the manufacturer name and phone number. Colon cleansing is not a healthy part of weight loss, especially when the manufacturer also sells oxygen and ozone systems for pools and spas.

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    my colon have spasums so the only colon cleanser i could took was oxy-mega and it did not give me cramps. so do you have any thing that will work the same way and not hurt me?