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What You Should Know

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Oxygenfit is another bit of fitness equipment that claims to make working out while traveling easier and more effective. The kit comes with several pieces, some of which could be packed easily into a suitcase if traveling by ground. The Oxygenfit workout system is designed for women – not men.

List of Ingredients

Body Plan Kit: Fit-stik, light toner, motivational dvd, body ball, door anchor, air-stik pump, fit-stik dvd and gym technik mobile application.

Ultimate Kit: All five toners, fit-stik, 65 cm body call, master motivation dvd, fitness life manual, all three toning loops, air stik, 55 cm body ball, fit stik workout dvd, training poster downloads and gym technik mobile application.

Product Features

Oxygenfit is another fitness based company that offers a branded line of fitness equipment and a magazine subscription to lure in consumers. The kits are travel friendly and easy to use with the included dvd series. With a professional website, community blog stocked full with real life testimonials and a free mobile application for tracking workouts and more, what could be stopping anyone from losing weight with the Oxygenfit program?

Home workout fitness equipment is all generally the same. In order for the equipment to work, no matter is the manufacturer is Oxygenfit or Gold’s Gym, the dieter must start the fitness program, work their hardest during fitness time and stick with the fitness plan for an extended period of time. Doing any home fitness plan, including Oxygenfit, will not increase weight loss if workouts are inconsistent or sporadic.

Oxygenfit includes some simple to use pieces of equipment, but the price is far higher than comparable kits. The Body Plan Kit sells for $94.95 online. The Ultimate Kit sells for $269.95.

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  • Working out is crucial for long-term weight loss.
  • The fitness equipment is portable enough to travel with.
  • Community support includes testimonials.


  • The price of Oxygenfit kits may be too high for some dieters.
  • Dieters must be dedicated to working out on a daily basis.
  • Walking will provide the same fitness achievements and is 100% travel friendly.


Dieters who are dedicated to working out will lose more weight. Oxygenfit does not present a new and exciting kit for the dieter to use. Exercise balls and portable travel bands used for fitness can be found in sports stores all over the United States and the world. Oxygenfit markets the kit for women only, but this is just because the resistance could be too light for a male dieter. There is no weight limit listed for the balance ball, but typically the smaller the ball the lighter the weight so this could be another reason the Oxygenfit kits are marketed to women only.

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