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What You Should Know

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OxyLife, Inc. or OxyLife Nutritional Supplements, formulates several nutritional supplements. All products are described on the official website and categorized for easy sorting. Under the weight loss tab, OxyLife, Inc. sells just three products. These are the 5th Gear Energy Enhancement, HGH Human Growth Hormone and Liquid Stevia. Liquid Stevia will not provide true support for weight loss, but the remaining two supplements will have to be looked at a bit more closely.

List of Ingredients

5th Gear Energy Enhancement: Grapefruit peel extract, Korean ginseng root extract, natural caffeine from green tea, natural caffeine from guarana seed, white willow bark extract, cassia nomame aerial extract, schisandra berry powder, Atlantic kelp powder, mustard seed powder, peony herb powder, licorice root powder and green tea leaf.

HGH Human Growth Hormone: Human Growth Hormone, Arginine and Ornithine.

Product Features

The 5th Gear Energy Enhancement supplement contains several sources of natural caffeine, including green tea which is listed two times on the ingredient list. Green tea is a strong fat burner that has clinical trial backing. Guarana is a stimulant that may increase heart rate when taken alone. When a stimulant is taken in conjunction with other stimulants, the increased heart rate could escalate to jitters and shortness of breath. Dieters with heart problems could see more dangerous side effects.

The HGH Human Growth Hormone is a bit more interesting. The supplement ingredients list HGH, but HGH is available in the United States only be prescription. Positive effects on weight loss are typically attributed to patients who are deficient in the growth hormone. There are very few proven benefits of taking human growth hormone in patients with no deficiency problems. There are plenty of health benefits associated with HGH injections and supplementation, but when used by healthy individuals, the potential list of benefits shrinks dramatically. Some evidence links HGH to anti-aging and increased athletic performance in men, but these are associated with prescription HGH injections.

Arginine and Ornithine are common amino acids. There is no evidence these ingredients will increase fat burn or weight loss either. OxyLife, Inc. does not support their weight loss supplement with enough scientific data for the dieter to trust the supplements will work as claims. The 5th Gear Energy Enhancement supplement sells for $16.80. HGH can be purchased for $39.00.

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  • OxyLife, Inc. offers some supplements with green tea, a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Product prices are lower.


  • The lowest prices are reserved for members only.
  • Some supplements make claims that are not backed up.
  • Dieters will not find proven weight loss supplements on the OxyLife, Inc. website.


Dieters today are more educated than ever before. Supplement companies like OxyLife, Inc. will need to step up their marketing and formulation game in order to maintain trust with these educated consumers. None of the supplements listed on the OxyLife, Inc. website will increase weight loss significantly. The best of the three listed supplements would have to be the 5th Gear Energy Enhancement supplement which at least contains green tea.

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