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OxyPure is a Optimal Health Systems product. Optimal Health Systems has an official website with a long list of supplements aimed at improving overall health through natural supplementation and cleansing. OxyPure is listed as a oxygen boosting supplement.

List of Ingredients

Sodium Chloriate and Purified Water.

Product Features

Optimal Health Systems describes the OxyPure supplement as an oxygen booster. The supplement comes in drop form and can be taken orally or mixed with 20 drops of water and applied to the skin. The drops are supposed to be diluted in 8 ounces of water before drinking.

Claims and more claims are published on the official website, but none are backed with any kind of proof. According to Optimal Health Systems, OxyPure can help colds, flu, infection, shingles, rash, bug bites and performance. By performance, OxyPure means athletic stamina. Again, there is a claim but there is no real proof to back up this claim.

The main ingredient in OxyPure is Sodium Chlorite. Sodium chlorite is commonly used to bleach paper and textiles. There is mention of the supplement being used in public water systems. Due to the potential for toxic side effects, sodium chlorite is converted to chlorine dioxide or chlorine, before being added. Chlorine is known to kill harmful bacteria in public water systems.

The supplement, when taken in doses of 10 to 15 grams, can cause death. Just one gram of the ingredient can cause nausea and vomiting. There is no mention of oxygen boosting properties.

The OxyPure salt water supplement sells for $21.50 per two ounce container. Each container comes with a dropper.

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  • None.


  • Optimal Health Systems makes a long list of claims with no proof.
  • The main ingredient, and only ingredient, is an acid.
  • OxyPure is not proven to increase athletic stamina.
  • Small doses can cause nausea.
  • Large does can cause death.


Optimal Health Systems takes two pages to describe table salt mixed with water. There is little evidence that OxyPure will do anything but cause an increase in blood pressure for users with hypertension or elevated blood pressure. Making a long list of claims and then not backing up those claims is one way to prevent consumers from ever trusting you. OxyPure is not the best health supplement for weight loss.

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    Nestor Santos Cintron

    I Used Oxypure to treat constipation due to I.BSC and it work for me. Perfect. Is num. 1 in the list of product whis oxygen based intestinal Cleanser.


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