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The Beach Body website is all in an uproar about the release of P90X 2. The second installment in the P90X is not for beginners and Tony Horton doesn’t try to sell the program to just anyone. The Beach Body website offers a brief video of the new moves and the idea of Muscle Confusion 2. We love P90X and we think that regular P90X followers will love P90X 2.

While we wish everyone was at a fitness level to follow P90X 2, we know that is not the case. It is important to start out with the first P90X program and complete that program entirely before moving on to P90X 2. Many of the moves are physically intense and require great upper and lower body strength. The movements in P90X 2 are comparable to Crossfit and may even be slightly harder than the Murph, for all you Crossfit lovers.

List of Ingredients

Second installment in the P90X program.

Product Features

Tony Horton, the creator of P90X and P90X 2, is the face at the front of the workout. The program is designed for fitness lovers who have graduated the P90X program and want to take their body to the next level.

One of the first things you may notice about P90X 2 is increased rest periods. The follower will rest two days a week when following P90X 2. Why more rest time? The workouts are so intense; the body needs more rest time to build muscle and recover, according to Horton.

The follower can expect to be doing supersets and complexes, in addition to extreme yoga, modified pull-ups, modified push-ups and some acrobatic moves that put Billy Blanks to shame.

Tony Horton paired up with Dr. Marcus Elliot to create the new P90X 2 program. As is the case with P90X, the program lasts 90 days and it confuses the muscle every minute of every workout.

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  • Will cause weight loss and lean muscle growth.


  • Too intense for most dieters.
  • It is suggested that followers graduate from P90X before following P90X 2.
  • Costs more than other workout programs.
  • May require the purchase of some fitness equipment.
  • Requires immense upper and lower body strength.


Before throwing in that first P90X 2 DVD, you must seek medical approval for following this program. It is important to follow P90X before starting the P90X 2 program. The program is designed for people who have mastered P90X. The Beach Body website and Tony Horton are not shy about the intensity of this program. The brief video on the website shows more than enough to make an educated decision about whether or not you want to take a walk on the P90X 2 side. Beware, muscle confusion is inside.

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