P90X One On One Review

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P90X has transformed the lives of millions across the world. Tony Horton, creator of P90X, has found a way for individuals to take traditional workouts and turn them into something more extreme. The process of muscle confusion enables individuals to grow muscles quicker by changing workouts on a more frequent basis.

Taking from the success of P90X, Tony Horton created P90X One on One. This intense workout system removes the cast from the videos and creates an individualized workout with Tony. The system is great, but does it offer anything different than the original?

List of Ingredients

Individual and box set DVD’s featuring one-on-one exercise routines with Tony Horton.

Product Features

P90X One on One is a set of DVD’s sold individually and as a complete set featuring exercise routines with P90X creator Tony Horton. The DVD’s focus on strength training, cardio and core exercises. The program eliminates the cast and creates a personalized experience with Horton. Available with P90X One on One is a monthly newsletter informing users of upcoming products and services.

Not everyone is able to do the workout available in P90X One on One. One of the “prerequisites” for P90X is the fitness test. The fitness test alone is extreme, especially for the beginner. What we found is typically individuals with excessive weight have a higher heart rate when exercising. Completing P90X One on One could lead to a dangerously high heart rate that could lead to damaging the heart.

Another concern with P90X One on One is there are no alternatives to follow in the event the exercises become too extreme. In earlier versions of P90X, at least one cast member did an alternative to the performed exercises. Working one-on-one leaves little room if the dieter follows the program specifically to the letter.

We found the price excessive considering the original P90X retails for $120. Individual DVD’s retail on the official website for $20, while complete sets retail for $250. Purchasing all three volumes means investing $750. Although the system produces results, the price will surely be a deterrent for some.

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  • Available on the official website.
  • Achieve the benefits of muscle confusion.
  • Available as single DVD’s or as complete volumes.


  • Requires additional equipment.
  • Intensity is potentially too high for some individuals.
  • Not designed for all fitness types.
  • Expensive.


We like P90X One on One. This is one of our favorite exercise programs. Tory Horton transformed the traditional exercise routine into one of the most extreme home fitness training systems. While traditional fitness routines focus on one body part, P90X One on One focuses on multiple body parts through the art of muscle confusion. Millions have praised the success of the program through online videos and written testimonials.

The major concern of P90X One on One is the price. Individual DVD’s cost $20, while complete volumes cost $250. On top of the cost of the DVD’s is the cost of additional equipment, including, medicine balls, pull-up bar, dumbbells and plyo boxes. Even though P90X One on One guarantees results, the price could potentially deter the cost conscience dieter.

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