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Paiyouji is a weight loss powder marketed in tea format to increase weight loss. No official website could be found, but information on the supplement is available from trusted online sources. The product is currently sold on and other online retailers for $12.50. The tea claims to suppress appetite and increase weight loss by controlling blood glucose levels. When blood glucose levels rise and fall, hunger can strike leaving the dieter eating more and losing less weight.

List of Ingredients

Konjaku Flour, Oligosaccharide, Malt, Chitin, and Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B2.

Product Features

Konjaku Flour is a source of glucomannan. Glucomannan is a fiber that absorbs many times its weight in water. The theory of using this ingredient in weight loss products is to allow the fiber to absorb water and take up room in the stomach. This would leave the dieter feeling less hungry. There are no clinical studies proving that Glucomannan use increases weight loss.

Chitin could be another name for the famous weight loss ingredient Chitosan. Chitosan is derived from shellfish and many supplement companies claim the ingredient attracts fat and then absorbs the fat before it can be digested and stored as extra weight. When Chitosan is taken daily, less fat is digested and thus fewer calories are available from food. This effect is not proven.

Vitamin B2 is an essential vitamin used in metabolic functions. This is another ingredient that can be found in a common multi-vitamin and is not shown to increase weight loss significantly.

Many of the online sources of information on Paiyouji are marketed by Japan 2 Day Ling Zhi Diet. The descriptions are full of misspelled words and grammatical errors. When a consumer reads information on a product, they expect to find educated information. If the seller does not known how to spell common words like metabolism, there will be a lack of trust and fewer sales.

None of the ingredients used in Paiyouji will increase weight loss effectively. If the tea included green tea or a proven appetite suppressant, there could be reason to try out the product.

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  • Glucomannan is a good source of healthy fiber.
  • The product is available online.
  • Paiyouji is sold for less than comparable products.


  • None of the ingredients will increase weight loss.
  • No proven fat burners are included.
  • Product descriptions included misspelled words.
  • Paiyouji is not an effective fat burner.


There are many proven fat burning ingredients to choose from and Paiyouji contains none of them. As a fiber source, this product may work well but the dieter who is looking to improve weight loss and achieve fat loss with a supplement, will not find the benefits they are looking to find with Paiyouji.

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    Marina Dzoic

    ja sam ga pila i extra sam zadovoljna njime, ali sada sam se ponovno ubucila , a čula sam da imaju tablete, pa bih voljela znati kako doći do njih i koliko kostaju