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The Perque supplement company sells vitamins and supplements for use while following an alkaline diet. An alkaline diet aims to promote healthy pH levels between 6.5 and 7.5 pH. Pak Guard. Another name for Pak Guard is Perque Endura. The company does not sell supplements from the official website. There are currently two official websites for the Perque company. It appears the company is starting a new website, but until that website is complete, the old website is still active. Dieters must order Perque supplements from a catalog. Pak Guard is designed to promote healthy energy levels and support intestinal health.

List of Ingredients

L-Glutamine, PAK (pyridoxal Alpha-ketoglutarate), Magnesium, Rice Flour and Vegetable Capsules.

Product Features

According to Perque, Pak Guard is ideal for treating fatigue, sluggish mental responses and recovery after exercise. There are clinical trials referenced in the product description, but they all refer to chronic fatigue syndrome. There are no trials listed supporting the individual ingredients in the formula. No description or explanation is available for why the ingredients were included in the formula, but there is a detailed explanation of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Not all dieters suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Only a small portion of the population is diagnosed with the condition. Perque supplies a few alternative choices for fighting fatigue like improved sleep, exercise and improved eating habits. None of these changes require taking Pak Guard. The company does a poor job of selling the supplement as a natural solution for fatigue.

Dieters looking for additional energy to workout or improved metabolism will not get the support they are looking for from this supplement. Caffeine and green tea are proven stimulants that increase energy naturally. Neither of these ingredients is included in Pak Guard.

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  • A complete ingredient list is published for Pak Guard.
  • Great information on chronic fatigue syndrome is included in the supplement description.
  • Dieters suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome may fine relief using the lifestyle changes described in the product description.


  • No prices are listed for the supplement.
  • Clinical studies do not support the supplement.
  • All Perque supplements must be ordered from the company by mail.
  • No stimulants are included in the formula.
  • Not all dieters suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.


There is a huge difference between fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. Some dieters feel fatigue after reducing caloric intake or starting a new exercise program. This is not the same as suffering from a chronic disorder. Dieters looking for supplemental energy will not find what they are looking for in Pak Guard. The company only sells supplements from a catalog, which means the dieter will have to order the catalog, wait for the catalog, read through the catalog, order and then wait for the supplement.

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