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Parabody Home Gym is a piece of home fitness equipment created by Life Fitness. There are four models of Life Fitness Parabody Home Gym – G2, G3, G4 and G7. The name Parabody Home Gym does not appear on the official website any longer as the company has chosen to replace the Parabody name with Life Fitness. The smallest of the gyms retails for $1,499. The largest gym retails for $3,499 with bench.

List of Ingredients

Home gym system that can be customized to fit space and fitness needs.

Product Features

The Parabody Home Gym is priced in the same range as other home fitness gyms. The smallest unit, the G2, is narrower than the other three models. Despite being small, the Parabody Home Gym G2 measures 48 inches or four feet in width. This is still quite large for a small apartment or home. The G2 only offers 25 exercises and unlike the other three Parabody Home Gyms, does not allow the user to define the machine movement.

The G3, the next larger Parabody Home Gym, offers more than 40 exercises and measures 58 inches or 4’10″ in width. The gym uses cable technology to provide resistance and virtual weight during use. Though larger than the G2, Life Fitness claims the Parabody Home Gym G3 is a space saver. The G4 is the same size as the G3, but movements are also machine defined. The gym offers fewer exercises than G3 as well with only 30+.

The largest and most advanced model of Parabody Home Gym is the G7. With more than 55 exercises, this model claims to mirror all of the gym setting exercises you love from your local club. The G7 offers dual weight stacks and a pulley system for fluid changes from one exercise to the next. With such advances comes the highest price tag as well.

The Parabody Home Gym may offer the dieter fitness support, but in order to take advantage of the machines full potential, the dieter would have to spend dedicated time every day working out. This type of dedication may be hard to achieve in the beginning.

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  • Specifications and details are listed online.
  • Pricing information can easily be found.
  • The Parabody Home Gym offers smaller units for tight homes and spaces.
  • Exercise is a crucial aspect for weight loss.


  • The Parabody Home Gym may be too expensive for some consumers.
  • The unit requires assembly which can take hours.
  • The dieter would have to be dedicated to make use of the machine.


Parabody Home Gym is another home gym system that claims to offer all the exercises from your local fitness club. The gym offers several varieties and price tags, but even the least expensive gym is more expensive than a proven fat burner and a walk.

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    Just purchase a Parabody 350104 Home Gym & we need the user manuel. Where could I get one? I’ve tried everything.


  • 2
    kristy compton

    just purchased a parabody ex 350 and am looking for a manual on how to use everything..also would like to get a leg press for it if possible.