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Renew Life is the manufacturer of ParaGone. ParaGone is another parasite based cleansing supplement that includes natural laxatives and ingredients to increase bowel movements. Some ingredients are included to rid the intestine of worms that may have inhabited the bowels. Typically, people who are trying to lose weight will not have intestinal parasites. ParaGone may increase weight loss slightly through a laxative effect but the weight lost will return as soon as the dieter stops taking the supplement. Renew Life sells ParaGone online for $35.99. There are two supplements in the ParaGone kit and dieters are expected to follow detailed instructions.

List of Ingredients

ParaGone 1: Undecylenic Acid, Black Walnut Hull and Seed, Quassia, Wordwood Leaf and Stem, Bismuth Citrate, Caprylic Acid, Cape Aloe Leaf, Garlic Bulb, Pau D’Arco Root Bark, Clove Seed, Grapefruit Seed and Rind, Pumpkin Seed, Pippali Seed, Rosemary Leaf and Stem, and Thyme Leaf and Stem.

ParaGone 2: Black Walnut Hull and Seed, Marshmallow Dry Root, Orange Peel, Wordwood Leaf and Stem and Clove Seed.

Product Features

ParaGone 1 includes natural laxatives and wormwood. Wormwood is an alternative treatment for roundworms and other intestinal parasites. Laxatives used in ParaGone 1 include Black Walnut Hull and Cape Aloe Leaf. These laxatives are included to help rid the body of parasites after the wormwood has taken effect.

ParaGone 2 includes some of the same ingredients as ParaGone 1. Laxatives Black Walnut Hull and Marshmallow Dry Root are included with wormwood. There is very little reason to include the same ingredients in both supplements. It seems ParaGone has chosen to separate the supplement ingredients to make the product appear more effective.

Laxatives are becoming more common in the weight loss supplement community. When laxatives are used on a daily basis, the colon muscles can become lax and work less efficiently when the dieter stops taking the supplement. This can mean supplements like ParaGone can actually lead to difficulty passing waste from the body and the subsequent need for natural colon cleansing products to maintain regularity.

ParaGone will not increase weight loss or metabolism. Any weight reduction seen on the scale will be a result of water lost with increased bowel movements.

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  • Occasional constipation will be relieved with ParaGone.
  • The price of the supplement is less than some weight loss supplements.


  • ParaGone targets parasites which are not a common dieting problem.
  • Weight loss will result from water loss.


There is no reason to include a natural laxative in a successful weight loss program unless the dieter is having trouble with constipation. If this is the case, increasing water intake and fiber intake should be enough to solve constipation without the stimulating effect of natural laxatives.

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12 User Reviews about ParaGone

  • 1
    Rosemarie Burns

    why constipation and always hungry and bloated


  • 2

    worst horribel experience with this paragone It did nothing except extreme bloating constipation fellt die off like it killed my brain cells got lost at the mall felt like a zombie the people who get hoodwinked into paragone are from the placebo effect & hoodwinked hope


  • 3

    I have tried ParaGONE after receiving a positive stool test. I have not noticed any remarkable results, plus it’s expensive. I’m glad others have had success with it; it just didn’t do anything for me.


  • 4

    This Paragone is specifically for getting rid of parisites not weight loss so I don’t understand why you compared it to weight loss products


    Peace For Earth

    I agree with you – That review doesn’t make any sense. I’ve used ParaGone on a number of occasions over the years with very good results. (Used for the purpose for which it was intended, of course!)


    bessie hamilton

    This is the second time in 8 years I’ve used Para-gone. I get explosive diarrhea. I’ve heard that’s normal as the parasites are dying off, and yet the directions say to discontinue if you get cramps of diarrhea. Any comments?



    I’ve experienced that too but only for the first few days. I’m not yet comletely done with my program but felling much better than before.


    I too agree..I’m about to start taking this for a most terrible parasite problem that I’ve been battling for some years now, which is affecting my health to the point I’m almost bedridden. I kind of accidently stumbed onto this site out of curiousity, and if I didn’t know all the really good benefits of Paragone from other site forums and thousands of people who had great results..this site would might have kept me from buying it, which would have left me with very few option. Thankfully, I still believe it could be the help I’ve been searching for. I really hope it doesn’t deter other like me from seeking the help they need. If any of you, who have taken this for prasites as intended, have any important advice to give, it would be warmly appreciated.


  • 5

    I am near the end of my trial of Paragone and have eliminated many interesting things that I can only assume are parasites. Some look like insects and flukes. I have had to go slower than the recommended dosages but it is definitely working for me.


  • 6

    I just started taking this and wondering if ido have any parasites how long before it takes effect? Can I stop and try something else without it hurting my body?


  • 7

    I have been severely sick for a mont hand suspect parasite,although stool tests have been negative.I get dehydrated quickly an am barely eating.My husband bought paragone..but im afraid to use it bc i have already lost so much weight and im not positive that i even have parasite.



    What kind of symtoms are you experiencing? The reason I ask, is that I know for a fact that I have parasites..and they have produced so many symptoms that have been mistaken for other things. Through researching this for a-long-time now, I’ve found that stool test rarely show parasite positive, as they won’t leave your body unless they are ones will not!! It also says that the weight you lose while taking paragone will return once you stop taking it..and it’s just my opinion here, but it would seem to me that if you do have parasites you will know pretty soon(within a few days of starting it..5-6) after starting it..and, once they are killed off, you would probably start gaining your weight back. I hope at least some of this will help you, as I know how frustrating it can be to be extremely sick and not know whats wrong with you. I’ve been there for many years now myself. Good luck..I truly wish you the best and hope you get healthy again real soon.