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Paraslim Force is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Nutrition Craze. There is an official website for the company, but the product portion of that site is not directly accessible. With a bit of searching we found the list of products available from the company but all links lead to a customer service page stating all products are sold out and no longer for sale. Paraslim Force, as well as many other products by Nutrition Craze, has the same ingredient list which could be why the company appears to be out of business.

List of Ingredients

Resveratrol, Green Tea Extract, Apple Cider Vinegar, Cayenne Powder, Ginger Root.

Product Features

Resveratrol is the primary ingredient in Paraslim Force. Resveratrol is linked to anti-aging, but there is no evidence it will increase weight loss. The next ingredient on the list is green tea extract. This ingredient has been researched for many health related benefits. There is evidence it could increase metabolism, but we could not find how much green tea is included in the Paraslim Force supplement to compare that amount with the clinical studies. Apple cider vinegar is an old wives tale of an ingredient. Many people believed it would speed up metabolism and out of that belief fad diets were created. There is no proof apple cider increases metabolism or helps to burn more fat. Cayenne powder is an up and coming ingredient that may help the dieter to burn more fat. Behind the power of cayenne is the heat it causes in the body. Some experts believe hot peppers of any sort help increase natural calorie burn. The final ingredient is ginger root. This ingredient is used in homeopathic medicine to fight off upset stomach and digestive problems, but there is no link to weight loss.

The ingredient list for Paraslim Force offers some good points and some moot points, but there are no Internet or offline retailers that we could find currently selling the product so dieters will have to find another weight loss supplement to choose from. There is one missing ingredient from Paraslim Force as well. We could not find an appetite suppressing ingredient in the list. Increasing calorie burn in one thing, but that increase will also cause a parallel increase in hunger is an appetite suppressant is not included.

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  • Ingredients are easy to find online.


  • The product website claims the supplement is sold out.
  • Nutrition Craze, the manufacturer, is not selling any products at this time.
  • Paraslim and Paraslim Force have the same ingredient list.
  • There is only one ingredient that has been clinically tested for weight loss.


Paraslim Force is no longer available and the supplement was not that effective to begin with. There are other weight loss supplements that are more effective than Paraslim Force was when available.

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