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The Parisian Diet is a weight loss program developed by y Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, the leading diet and nutrition expert in France. This program is designed to help people in America who have weight issues learn to adopt the French way of living so they too can see a healthy weight and lifestyle. Read this review to learn more about the 10 principles of this diet.

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The Parisian Diet is based on 10 principles that help people lose weight (or maintain a healthy weight) without having to avoid any particular food or food group. French people take time to enjoy their food, savoring each bite and finding pleasure in the food while they eat. This helps fill them up faster. They take time for their meals, devoting at least 20 minutes, and up to two hours per meal. In other words, they don’t eat “on-the-go.” The French also pay close attention to their portion sizes, which are significantly smaller than what Americans traditionally eat. They do not watch TV while eating; they eat together around a table, to help reduce mindless eating. French people stay active by walking or biking rather than driving, and they take the stairs instead of the elevator. They drink plenty of water, instead of soda or juice. They eat as much fresh food as possible, rather than processed foods. They also make up for indulgences in food by eating less and lighter the next day. They prepare the majority of their meals at home to be in more control of what’s in it, and they eat more fruit.

The Parisian Diet consists of three phases. The Café Phase is optional for quick weight loss and lasts from eight to 10 days. During this time, you’ll focus mostly on liquids such as purees, soups, and smoothies. The Bistro Phase lasts anywhere from two to three weeks and focuses on nutritious meals high in fiber and protein. The Gourmet Phase is designed to allow you to focus on more pleasurable meals while you continue to lose weight, and will be the phase you stay in until you reach your weight loss goal.

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  • The Parisian Diet places emphasis on eating more fresh food.
  • This program promotes at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.


  • The Parisian Diet will be hard for people who are too busy to cook to maintain.
  • This diet is hard for people who do not like or cannot eat dairy products to follow.
  • The first two phases of the program are highly restrictive, removing most carbohydrates from the diet.
  • This program allows people to consume diet soda, which has been shown to promote an increased appetite and a variety of other health concerns.
  • It is unrealistic for most Americans to take two hours for lunch.


The Parisian Diet has a lot of good foundational principles we as Americans should consider following. A few of them are harder to implement than others, but making it a point to get up and move for at least half an hour a day, and eat at a table (or away from the TV in general) are easy things to do.

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