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Parisian Slim is a set of plates and bowls perfectly measured for weight loss. According to the literature online, the program allows the dieter to eat anything they want as long as they stick with the appropriate plate and bowl sizes for each meal. Portion control is one of the hardest parts of weight loss, so Parisian Slim may offer some guidance for dieters have trouble learning portion sizes and keeping within the right sizes to lose weight.

List of Ingredients

Fifteen pieces of porcelain serving dishes.

Product Features

Parisian Slim has developed a set of porcelain serving dishes that are measured perfectly for different parts of each meal. As long as the dieter uses these pieces to measure out meals, the plan is supposed to work no matter what foods are chosen. Along with the 15 serving pieces, the dieter also receives a dining out guide, recipe booklet, weight loss guide and free upgrade to express shipping.

There are only a couple of testimonials published on the website, but none of these offer before and after photos from people having lost weight on the Parisian Slim plan. There is also the misconception that the dieter can eat any foods they want as long as they fit on the serving dish. Eating ice cream will pack more calories per serving than a salad and ice cream tends to take up less space. Theoretically, a dieter could gain weight on this program if the wrong foods are eaten.

Parisian Slim is priced at $231.92 for the complete set of dishes, shipping, handling, and monthly membership fee to the website. The monthly fee is $19.97 and will continue to be charged to the credit card used for the initial order. There is no information published regarding how long the dieter has to maintain a monthly membership to the website. Parisian Slim does offer a 30-day money back guarantee, but the dieter is forced to pay the initial $14.95 shipping and handling and the return shipping and handling if they choose not to continue using the system.

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  • Portion control is essential for weight loss.


  • Parisian Slim dishes are very expensive.
  • No before and after photos are published to show dieters successful use of Parisian Slim.
  • There is no mention of supplements, fat burners or exercise with the Parisian Slim program.
  • Return shipping and handling could be expensive.


Parisian Slim offers a unique way of measuring out portions for weight loss, but the program is very expensive and there is very little support for dieters on the website. Without understanding what is involved in the monthly membership, or the sizes of the dishes, the dieter is left with more questions than answers and expected to shell out more than $200 for Parisian Slim.

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