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The Park Avenue Diet is a six week long program, developed by Dr. Stuart Fischer. He created the program to help the average person get the same look as the elite “rich and famous.” The doctor says there are seven areas which must be addressed in order to change the way a person thinks and looks. The seven areas are: weight, physique, self-confidence, interpersonal relationship skills, hair, skin, and clothes. This program claims to address it all. Take a look at our review to see what we think of the program.

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The Park Avenue Diet requires you to drastically cut your caloric intake down to 1300 calories. The calories are split across three meals and one snack per day, and this is to be followed for the entire six weeks of the program. During this time, you are not allowed to consume: alcohol, sugar, fruit juices, any artificial sweeteners, or milk. The author claims people can expect to see anywhere from one to two pounds of weight loss per week while following this plan. You are only supposed to stick with it for six weeks, and then apply what you learn into a maintenance phase where calories are not so restricted. Though there is mention of maintenance, there is no plan given for that. There is an exercise plan, comprised of things you can do in your home, for the entire six weeks, with intensity increases throughout.

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  • The Park Avenue Diet addresses more than just weight loss, but improving your well being overall.
  • This book is written by a medical doctor.


  • The Park Avenue Diet is highly restrictive and may be hard for most people to stick to even for the short duration of the program.
  • This is not an effective long term solution to weight loss.
  • There is no maintenance plan given.
  • It takes more than reading a book to see weight loss results.
  • Resuming normal calorie consumption levels may produce some rebound weight gain.
  • This program will not appeal to men.
  • Exercising at such low caloric intake levels can be hard.
  • You may need to spend a lot more time and money than you usually would if you focus on all seven areas of the book.
  • The caloric restriction may leave you feeling hungry and with low energy.


The Park Avenue Diet is one that we are glad to see only lasts a few weeks. This would be a hard diet to sustain for a long time and could cause the metabolism to back fire and slow down, making weight loss even more difficult. We recommend a balanced diet with no more than 500 calories cut from what you are already eating, with exercise and a clinically proven weight loss supplement.

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