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In Victorian times, the passion flower was very popular with some new varieties being created including the winged-stem passion flower and the blue passion flower. There are varieties of the passion flower than can be used for supplementation while others are considered poisonous. It is important to check with a homeopathic expert before using any natural version of passion flower to ensure it is not one of the poisonous varieties.

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Passion flower.

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Passion flower is known to have beta-carboline harmala alkaloids. These, when consumed, have the same effect on humans as MAO inhibitors (a form of anti-depressant). The actual flower and root system have only a small amount of this chemical, but the leaves have a higher concentration. While extracts can be created from the leaves they can also be dried and smoked for the same effect. In some cases the passion flower is given as an enhancer with other mood altering medications or drugs.

In addition to being mind-altering benefits of passion flower, there is a long list of potential uses due to the qualities of the passion flower. For instance, the anti-inflammatory property makes the passion flower the perfect addition to natural pain relievers. Passion flower contains Quercetin, amino acids, natural sugars and flavonoids – all of which are commonly used in fat burners and weight loss supplements.

Extracts of the passion flower are sold online in varieties of strengths. Dieters can choose from either drops or capsules. Capsules can be opened and consumed as a tea if desired. Most of the supplements are sold for use as a sleep aid or anti-anxiety supplement, but a few of the manufacturers offer a complete list of the potential uses for passion flower. While none of these uses deal with anxiety directly, there is an indirect connection between passion flower and weight loss.

Many prescription weight loss products are anti-depressant medications. When a diet seems to be failing, mood drops and depression starts. The dieter falls off the diet and regains the weight. Anti-depressants help solve that problem. The anti-depressant qualities of passion flower may help the dieter stave off weight loss depression and stay on the diet long enough to pass the plateau or lose the regained weight thus pushing the dieter toward success.

Passion flower supplements cost about $10 per bottle.

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  • Passion flower is a safe alternative to anti-depressants.
  • Anti-inflammatory qualities could help fight muscle pain.


  • Not every dieter should take passion flower because it alters mood.
  • Not all dieters need an anti-depressant.


Fighting weight loss is a life-long battle for some people. When prescription medications are the only solution, some dieters choose to try out natural methods like supplements first. Supplements may be safer than prescription medications and tend to cost less. Passion flower should only be used by dieters who do not suffer from mood disorders.

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