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Pathway Genomics offers a home kit that can be used to map personal DNA. DNA can tell much about a person’s past and future health concerns. With the home kit, consumers can identify markers for more than 70 diseases including hypertension, lung cancer, psoriasis and asthma. With healthy lifestyle changes, risks can be reduced despite the presence of a health marker for a given disease or condition. Dieters can use the Pathway Genomics DNA kit to bring to light the potential health concerns that may be aggravated by holding on to extra weight and fat.

List of Ingredients

Saliva collection kit.

Product Features

Pathway Genomics sends a kit to a consumer for saliva collection and testing. There are two types of DNA results that can be ordered from the company. The first is an ancestry report based on genetic markers. Both paternal and maternal sides are included. The second test is the health report with screening for more than 70 diseases. The consumer can choose to receive both a health and ancestry report for a reduced price. If the consumer only orders the ancestry profile, they DNA screening for health markers will still be completed.

The ancestry profile test sells for $249. The health profile sells for $399. If the consumer orders both, the price is reduced by $199 to $449 for both results. Once testing is complete, access to an online results report will be given. Some of the test results may be confusing or alarming to the buyer. Pathway Genomics suggests all questions be addresses by their staff of geneticists. There is no mention of an additional cost for this service.

In addition to potential health problems, the health testing reveals sensitivity to certain medications or ingredients, such as caffeine. It tells the dieter how fast they metabolize caffeine, which could be extremely helpful when choosing a dietary weight loss supplement.

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  • Potential health risks are revealed.
  • The price is lower than other DNA testing services.
  • Dieters can find out if they are sensitive to caffeine.


  • Some of the reports may be difficult to read.
  • Undue alarm may arise from a positive marker result.
  • There is no mention of additional cost for genetic explanations.


DNA marker testing is quickly becoming common. Dieters can use the test to note the potential health risks they may face in the future if they do not lose weight and keep it off. Knowing you have the marker for Type 2 Diabetes may be enough to keep you on a healthy diet and exercise plan. The test results may be a bit confusing however and a marker does not mean the consumer will contract a given disease.

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  • 1
    Helen Crowe

    Where is my ancestor answer?
    I ordered it on June 9 and sent back samples in June and after at least 9 weeks, still no reply.


  • 2
    Helen Crowe

    Where is the answer to my saliva test for ancestors? I paid for it on June 9, received kit and sent back samples in June but still no answers.